February 8, 2023
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A necessary upgrade

After dealing with an unprecedented influx of students last year, Ithaca College has decided to take steps to accommodate anticipated student housing issues in the upcoming years.

Last fall began with the construction of a new dorm building and other rearrangements of campus housing much to the frustration of the campus community. Presenting this new proposal a year and a half in advance is a step in the right direction, allowing the college to have a plan ready in case similar housing issues occur.


The proposed plan will result in the addition of nine new buildings to the Circle Apartments complex with about 106 additional parking spaces.

The new housing is a marketable option for future students and reduces the need for students to move off campus. The apartments will also provide a housing lifestyle that is attractive to students ready to move out of the dorm room, but still wish to live on campus.

Allocating funds to the construction of residential buildings is a useful investment. But the college should begin focusing on renovating the academic department spaces on campus as well. While the school has begun relocating the Office of Career Services and restructuring the art history and anthropology department, more work remains. The Park School of Communications has classrooms that have not been renovated in years, and classrooms in Friends Hall could also benefit from a much needed upgrade.

The housing proposal is a fiscally sound plan for the college and its students, but additional renovations to academic buildings should also be included in future plans.

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