February 8, 2023
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Health series revamps topics

Reynolds said the event has many new features this year.

Wellness Wednesdays, a series of bring-your-own-lunch health sessions, is kicking off its fourth semester with a lesson in feng shui. The wellness program was originally designed by student interns and aims to provide students with a balanced amount of health topics.
Nancy Reynolds, program director for the Ithaca College health promotion center, said she is looking forward to the focus of some new programs this semester.
News Editor Kelsey O’Connor sat down with Reynolds to discuss the new aspects that will be integrated into the program this academic year.

Kelsey O’Connor: Is there anything new you are trying this year?

Nancy Reynolds: We have a new location. We’re meeting now in the Taughannock Falls Room, which is located on the third floor of the Campus Center, so there will be a little more room, and it will be a little bit quieter than our previous location. We have some new speakers this semester that we’ve never invited before and some new topic areas. We always try to keep the topics fresh, though we do have some repeat speakers that have been really popular in the past.

KO: What are some popular topics?

NR: Nutrition is always a popular one, so our campus nutritionist is coming this semester. Students like to hear about alternative medicine and alternative therapies, so usually each semester we feature one or two topics on alternative therapy. This semester we’re featuring Reiki. Our kick-off workshop is on feng shui and how to understand and manage the environment of your room to promote well-being.
KO: Do you think there’s a need for something like this on campus?

NR: It’s always a good idea to take some time out of your schedule to focus on how to improve your health. This is one way people can plan on attending a program once a week or every once in a while. Having a regularly scheduled workshop helps create that visibility for programs that we need to attend.

KO: Are there any topics in particular that you’re excited about?

NR: This semester is the first time that we’re actually featuring something about financial health. So Jeff Lippitt from the Business School is going to be talking about different types of loans and different types of interest rates, and how to maintain a healthy financial life amidst all the options today for taking on credit and having to pay for college and other expenses. So that’s kind of a new angle on health I’m really looking forward to.

KO: Do you think Ithaca is a receptive place to have a program like this?

NR: Ithaca College and the Ithaca community have a tremendous amount of expertise on health issues and also a lot of interest around staying healthy.
[There are] a lot of open minds. Where someone may not totally accept an alternative therapy, they’re willing to learn about it and stay open about different therapies and different ideas, and I really appreciate that about this area. We try to provide information and topics that are traditional Western medicine, but also include some alternative topics.

Wellness Wednesdays are held from noon to 12:50 p.m. in the Taughannock Falls Room.