March 27, 2023
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Parties prepare for student government elections

SGA executive board
Party remix
Junior Aaron Bloom, president
Sophomore Caitlin Baran, vice president of academics
Junior Monica Marcenko, vice president of business and finance
Sophomore Cornell Woodson, vice president of campus affairs
Sophomore Tatiana Sy, vice president of communication

Pam Arnold/The Ithacan

Making sustainability a key issue, Party Remix plans to disband SGA’s sustainability committee and support existing sustainability organizations.
“We’re pushing for better synergy and connections through organizations on campus,” Bloom said. “Our e-board will be more accessible and approachable and will communicate better.”
The party hopes to continue strengthening the new Unity Council, which three members helped create, Bloom said.

“Unity Council is a big deal,” he said. “It will be great for the people who started it to take the reigns and run with it.”
Three members of Party Remix have SGA experience, and all five have held leadership roles on campus, Bloom said.
“We’re very approachable and accessible with high visibility on campus,” he said. “We all are extremely passionate about what we’re fighting for here, and we want to make [the college] a better place.”
— Tricia Nadolny

Senior class officers
Party H.A.R.T.I.E.
Margaux Dubuar, president
Juliana Evans, vice president
Bethany Rees, treasurer
Chris Burt, secretary

Pam Arnold/The Ithacan

Party H.A.R.T.I.E. stands for the group’s slogan: “Helping Achieve Relationships Through Inclusive Experiences.” The officers have a diverse background in extracurricular activities, according to Dubuar, particularly in community service organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Community Plunge Program.
“We all are passionate about something,” she said. “We really want to serve every single person in the senior class, not just one particular group.”
The three main goals of the party, according to its Web site, are direction, connection and growth. The group plans to organize a variety of monthly events and activities, preparing seniors for careers after graduation and inviting speakers and workshops to campus, Dubuar said. The party also plans to organize activities — both alcohol-optional and alcohol-free — involving the town of Ithaca, such as bowling nights, happy hours and hikes. According to Dubuar, the party will also work to improve off-campus relations by establishing personal relationships with South Hill residents.
— Ryan Miga

Team V.A.U.L.T.
Tiffany Casale, president
Ben Stockwell, vice president
Brendan Long, treasurer
Jeffrey Penoyer, secretary

From left, juniors Brendan Long, Ben Stockwell, Tiffany Casale and Jeffrey Penoyer plan to add more senior activities. Pam Arnold/The Ithacan

Team V.A.U.L.T. stands for Volunteerism, Activities, Unity, Leadership and Teamwork. The party’s goals are to unify the senior class, engage local high school students through a mentoring program and work with Career Services to prepare seniors for entering the work force.
“Our biggest qualification is that we work as a team,” Casale said.
Casale and Stockwell both have worked on the 2008 Class Council.
To encourage participation in activities, the party plans to set up a point system so students at events can accumulate points to enter drawings for prizes. It also plans to add class trips, such as baseball games and Broadway plays, to traditional senior class activities, such as Mr. Ithaca, Casale said. She said another goal is to create a mentorship program with local high schools to help students transition to college. The party plans to establish a leadership and teamwork initiative with Career Services, Casale said.
“It’s really important that seniors know where their resources are,” she said.
— Ryan Miga