March 22, 2023
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Prospect Day luncheon canceled

The Prospect Day Luncheon scheduled for today was canceled because of a lack of interest, said Brian McAree, vice president of Student Affairs and Campus Life.

Zack Ford, president of the Student Government Association, said the original purpose of the luncheon was to create a “comfortable dialogue” between students and town residents.

“We’re hoping … for students to have a complete understanding for the last day of classes, so they know how to celebrate without causing problems,” he said.

Ford said he especially wanted the dialogue to focus on students who don’t live on Prospect Street.

“We want them to be aware of expectations and what they will be held accountable for, especially if they don’t live on the street but go there to party,” he said.

Ford said the luncheon had been held for at least the past three or four years, and attendance was good.

“We had a fair number of students come last year, most of them from Prospect Street,” Ford said.

Last year, 75 to 100 students attended the luncheon, McAree said. This year only 10 students responded.

In place of the luncheon, Public Safety officers will distribute pamphlets door-to-door this week, Ford said. The pamphlets explain the consequences of violating noise laws on Prospect Day, and how to have fun safely and responsibly.