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January 23, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

Public Safety Logs Dec. 16 – Dec. 23

By The Ithacan | Jan 22, 2020

December 16
SCC College Regulations
SUMMARY: The officer reported person made obscene gestures toward officer multiple times.

Public Safety Logs Nov. 25 – Dec. 1

By The Ithacan | Dec 11, 2019

November 25                                          
Motor Vehicle Accident/ Property Damage
LOCATION: Office of Public Safety Parking Lot
SUMMARY: While conducting vehicle inspection, the officer observed damage to passenger side front fender.

Public Safety Logs Nov. 18 – Nov. 23

By The Ithacan | Dec 4, 2019

November 18                                       
Suspicious Circumstance
LOCATION: Campus Center Quad
SUMMARY: The caller reported that an unknown person threw a cell phone into bushes for an unknown reason.

Public Safety Logs Nov. 4 – Nov. 10

By The Ithacan | Nov 20, 2019

November 4
Criminal Tampering Third Degree
LOCATION: Terrace 11
SUMMARY: The caller reported an unknown person intentionally clogged sink and flooded the bathroom.

Public Safety Logs Oct. 28 – Nov. 3

By The Ithacan | Nov 13, 2019

October 28                             
Suspicious Person
SUMMARY: The caller reported two persons in the area appeared to be writing down information, and they did not appear to be affiliated with Ithaca College.

Public Safety Logs Oct. 21 – Oct. 27

By The Ithacan | Nov 6, 2019

October 21                                  
Suspicious Circumstance
LOCATION: 260 Coddington Road
SUMMARY: The caller reported a tree falling from college property onto private property.

Public Safety Logs Oct. 14 – Oct. 20

By The Ithacan | Oct 30, 2019

October 14
LOCATION: On-campus residence hall
SUMMARY: A caller reported third-hand information that a person was following and contacting another person after being previously told to stop.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 30 – Oct. 13

By The Ithacan | Oct 23, 2019

September 30                                                     
Suspicious Circumstance
LOCATION: East Tower
SUMMARY: The caller reported an unknown person sleeping in the lounge.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 23 – Sept. 29

By The Ithacan | Oct 9, 2019

September 23
Suspicious Person
Location: Job Hall
Summary: The caller reported a person acting erratic, whistling, jumping around and looking in office windows.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 16 – Sept. 22

By The Ithacan | Oct 2, 2019

September 16
Suspicious Person
Location: The Campus Center
Summary: The caller reporteda suspicious person.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 9 – Sept. 15

By The Ithacan | Sep 25, 2019

September 9
Harassment Second Degree
Location: Unknown
Summary: The caller reported a known person posting false information on social media.

Public Safety Logs Sept. 2 – Sept. 8

By The Ithacan | Sep 18, 2019

September 2
Criminal Tampering Third degree
Location: Terrace 6
Summary: The caller reported an unknown person created an offensive message by rearranging a previously posted message on a bulletin board.