May 30, 2023
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Public safety continues to investigate thefts

The Ithaca College Office of Public Safety is investigating another report of textbook theft, adding to a total 12 reports in the past three weeks.

On Feb. 2, two cases of textbook burglary were reported, adding to the nine reported between Jan. 21 and Jan. 23, and the two reported on Jan. 29. No incidents involved forced entry. The residence halls where the thefts occurred are Hilliard, Hood, Landon, Clarke, Rowland and East Tower.

In addition to the textbook thefts, there was a wallet reported missing from Emerson Hall on Jan. 31, clothing from East Tower on Jan. 31 and an iPod from Landon Hall on Feb. 7. According to Public Safety, the incidents of the wallet and clothing are believed to have occurred between Jan. 28 and Jan. 29, and the iPod was stolen over winter break.

In the past three years, there have been no textbook burglaries reported on campus in January, according to the Public Safety Log.

Investigator Tom Dunn said he does not know the reason behind the sudden increase in textbook burglaries, and it is not known whether the incidents are related.

Public Safety also reported two unfounded cases of larceny in Campus Center between Jan. 21 and Jan.23.

Dunn said Public safety is still investigating the sudden increase in burglaries.

“It’s still an open investigation,” Dunn said. “We are looking for anyone to telephone with a lead. We also have an anonymous tip line that people can call, (607) 274-1060. We are looking for any information that will help us.”

Freshman Stacey Yazo lives in Hilliard and was one of the students who reported a stolen textbook. She said her “Principles of Biology” textbook was stolen between Dec. 20, when she left for winter break, and Jan. 20, when she returned from break.

Yazo says the textbook cost about $225 and was sitting on the shelf above her bed with a “Principles of Chemistry” textbook, a “Writing Today” textbook and was among other notebooks, which were left untouched.

When Yazo returned from winter break, she noticed the textbook was missing within the first half hour after entering her room. She said she searched her room and called her parents, who looked through her house to see if she had left it at home. Yazo then called Public Safety and filed an incident report.

“Being a freshman, I was really expecting my stuff to be slightly more secure when I went away on break,” Yazo said.

Margaret Wetter, residence director for Hood, Hilliard, Holmes and Eastman halls, said since the recent burglaries she has been encouraging safety precautions of her residents and resident assistants.

Wetter said students should lock their room doors when going to the bathroom, be careful not to leave belongings in the lounge unattended, lock balcony doors and be careful of who is walking into the building when entering.

“Hopefully we can get the word out there for prevention because that’s the most important part of all this,” Wetter said.