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Public Safety Log: Aug. 18 – Aug. 23

August 18

Motor Vehicle Accident


SUMMARY: Caller reported two cars damaged in a motor vehicle accident. One vehicle backed into another. Report taken. Master Patrol Officer Brad Bates.

August 19

Medical Assist     

LOCATION: Higgins Stadium

SUMMARY: Caller reported person fainted and hit head. Person transported to hospital by ambulance. Master Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

Safety Hazard    

LOCATION: Conservatory Drive

SUMMARY: Caller reported vehicle broke down and was leaking fluids on the ground. Officers cleaned the area. Fire Protection Specialist Enoch Perkins.

Off-Campus Incident

LOCATION: All other

SUMMARY: Ithaca Police Department reported five people were arrested for various violations in the City of Ithaca. Master Security Officer Wendy Lewis.

Medical Assist        
LOCATION: Fitness Center

SUMMARY: Caller reported person jumped into pool and struck their head. Person declined medical assistance. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.

Suspicious Circumstance

LOCATION: Circle Apartments

SUMMARY: Caller reported providing personal information to unknown person possibly representing company. Officer determined person did in fact work for company. Case unfounded. Master Patrol Officer  Chris Teribury.

Off-Campus Incident        

LOCATION: unknown

SUMMARY: Caller reported possible sexual assault occurred between two known people off campus in December of 2014. Investigation pending. Master Patrol Officer Chris Teribury.

August 20

Trespass No Degree

LOCATION:  Fountain

SUMMARY: Caller reported people trespassing in the fountain. Three people referred judicially for trespass and two people referred judicially for responsibility of guests. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.

Making Graffiti

LOCATION:  Conservatory Drive

SUMMARY: Officer reported a vehicle was leaking anti-freeze. Area was cleaned. Fire Protection Specialist Enoch Perkins.

August 21

Safety Hazard


SUMMARY: Officer issued warning notice for bicycle chained to railing blocking access.

Medical Assist

LOCATION: Dillingham

SUMMARY: Caller reported person dancing and injured ankle. Person said they aggravated pre-existing injury and declined medical assistance. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.

August 22

Criminal Tampering


SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown persons moved rocks on wall. Pending investigation. Master Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

August 23

Irresponsible Alcohol Use

LOCATION: West Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported person intoxicated and vomiting. Person declined medical assistance with ambulance and was referred judicially for irresponsible use of alcohol. Master Patrol Officer Dan Austic.

Unlawful Advertisement


SUMMARY: Officer reported people posting fliers. Officer warned two people. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock.

Medical Assist

LOCATION: Lower Quads

SUMMARY: Caller reported that a person fell on stairs. Person was not injured and declined medical assistance. Patrol Officer Steve Ward.

Medical Assist

LOCATION: Campus Center Quad

SUMMARY: Caller reported person fell on stairs and injured ankle. Injured person declined medical assistance. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.

Suspicious Person


SUMMARY: Caller reported suspicious person asking for the location of another person. Officers determined person was in the area for legitimate reason. Incident unfounded. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones.

Medical Assist

LOCATION: Garden Apartments

SUMMARY: Caller reported a person sent text messages stating they were  feeling anxiety and believed they were feeling depression. Officer determined person not to be a danger to self or others.  Patrol  Officer Waylon DeGraw.