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Public Safety Log: Aug. 25 – Sept. 2


Unauthorized auto use
Location: College Circle Roadway
SUMMARY: Officers reported stopping a person operating a golf cart. One person judicially referred for theft of college property. Master Patrol Officer Chris Teribury.

Location: Hood Hall
SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person entered residence and stole wallet. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Jon Shingledecker.

Criminal Mischief
Location: Baker Bridge
SUMMARY: Officer reported unknown person broke a light fixture. Investigation pending. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock.

Case Status
Location: Office of Public Safety
SUMMARY: Officer reported stolen radio was located on this date. Burglary unfounded. Sergeant Tom Dunn.

Motor Vehicle Accident
Location: Tower Skyline Drive
SUMMARY: Officer reported a one-car property damage accident. Vehicle drove onto cement barrier causing damage to barrier and vehicle. Report taken. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.

Medical Assist
Location: Hammond Health Center
SUMMARY: Caller reported a person made a comment about harming themselves. Person transported to hospital. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.

Case Status Change
Location: Hood Hall
SUMMARY: Person reported wallet located and not stolen. Burglary unfounded. Security Officer Trent Lucas.


Accidental property damage
Location: O-Lot
SUMMARY: Caller reported deer ran into parked vehicle and damaged windshield. Report taken. Patrol Officer Jon Shingledecker.

Medical Assist
Location: Tower Skyline Drive
SUMMARY: Caller reported person bicycling hit curb and injured head, elbow and heel. Person transported to hospital by ambulance. Patrol Officer Steve Rounds.

Stolen Property
Location: I-Lot
SUMMARY: Officer reported a person stole a barricade and a cone. One person was judicially referred for unauthorized possession of the college’s property and failure to comply. Patrol Officer Eric Willman.

Irresponsible use of alcohol
Location: Clarke Hall
SUMMARY: Caller reported intoxicated person. Person declined medial assistance with IFD and was judicially referred for irresponsible use of alcohol. Master Patrol Officer Danny Austic.

Driving While Intoxicated
Location: Circle Lot
SUMMARY: During a traffic stop, officer reported driver intoxicated and was arrested for DWI. Officer issued uniform traffic tickets for Ithaca Town Court for: wrong way in a one-way, driving while intoxicated and driving while intoxicated with a BAC of .08% or higher. Person was judicially referred for criminal conduct. Patrol Officer Eric Willman.


Public Lewdness
Location: Lower Campus
SUMMARY: Officer reported persons engaging in sexual contact in public. Two people judicially referred for public lewdness. Patrol Officer Eric Willman.

Suspicious Circumstance
Location: L-Lot
SUMMARY: Caller reported people looking into vehicles. Persons stated they were looking at parking permits to ensure they were parking in correct lot. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock.

Off Campus Incident
Location: All Other
SUMMARY: IPD reported five people arrested for violations. Report taken. Master Security Officer Wendy Lewis.


Location: Campus Center
SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person stole computer. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Steve Rounds.

Assist Other Departments
Location: Hammond Health Center
SUMMARY: Person requested assistance with the disposal of unused medication. Sergeant Terry O’Pray.

Location: Academic Quad
SUMMARY: Caller reported an unknown person stole an “instagram” frame. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Robert Jones.


Found Property
Location: All Other
SUMMARY: Person found set of keys and turned them over to public safety. Unknown owner.

Possession of Alcohol
Location: Coddington Road Walkway
SUMMARY: Officer reported open containers of alcohol. Three people judicially referred for underage possession of alcohol. Sergeant Terry O’Pray.


Fire Alarm
Location: Circle Community Building
SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm. Activation caused by burnt food. System reset. Sergeant Terry O’Pray.

Off Campus Incident
Location: All Other
SUMMARY: IPD reported investigating an assault where an unknown person stabbed another person. Pending IPD investigation. Sergeant Dirk Hightchew.

Possession OF Marijuana
Location: East Tower
SUMMARY: Caller reported odor of marijuana in the building. Two people judicially referred for unlawful possession of marijuana. Sergeant Terry O’Pray.


Location: Circle Apartments
SUMMARY: Caller reported male knocked on door twice stating that he used to live there. Caller reported persons behavior was weird. One person judicially referred for harassment. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.


Medical assist
Location: School of Communications
SUMMARY: Caller reported person having seizure. Person also injured elbow during fall, declined medical assistance from ambulance staff and was transported to the Health Center. Patrol Officer John Elmore.

Location: O-Lot
SUMMARY: Caller reported an unknown person stole GPS from vehicle. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Waylon DeGraw.