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Public Safety Logs April 1-April 6

April 1

Medical Assistance/Psychological  

Location: Terrace 4

SUMMARY: Caller reported person suffering from delusional thoughts. Officer transported person to the counseling center. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock provided assistance. 


Suspicious Letter/Email

Location: General Services 

SUMMARY: Caller reported receiving suspicious letter not addressed to current resident. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded. 


Unlawful Posting/Advertisement No Degree

Location: L-Lot 

SUMMARY: The Office of Environmental Health and Safety staff reported person placing advertisements on vehicles. 


April 2

Medical Assistance/Illness-Related

Location: Williams Hall 

SUMMARY: Caller reported person complaining of pain and difficulty breathing. One person was transported to the hospital by ambulance. 


Making Graffiti No Degree 

Location: Terrace 6

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person wrote graffiti on a mirror. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded.


Fire Alarm accidental 

Location: Circle Apartments Building 151

SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm. Activation due to smoke from cooking. The alarm was accidental.


SCC Fire Safety Related Offenses 

Location: Circle Apartments Building 151

SUMMARY: The Office of Environmental Health and Safety reported covered smoke detectors. Officers judicially referred three people.


SCC Drug Violations 

Location: Terrace 5

SUMMARY: Officer reported odor of marijuana. Patrol Officer Neena Testa responded judicially referred one person for violation of drug policy.


April 3

Petit Larceny  

Location: James J. Whalen Center for Music 

SUMMARY: Person reported unknown person stole a stool. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded to the incident.


Harassment 2nd Degree 

Location: Gannett Center

SUMMARY: Caller reported known person sending unwanted emails and phone calls.


Change in the Case Status 

Location: Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management

SUMMARY: Officer reported that the health department identified the dog that bit a person April 1.


Off-Campus Incident 

Location: All Other

SUMMARY: Caller reported person broke a tooth while eating. Sergeant Don Lyke responded.


Falsely Reporting an Incident

Location: Terrace 9

SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm. Activation caused by malicious activation of the fire alarm system. Patrol Officer Khien Nguyen responded to the incident.


April 4

Defective Smoke Detector

Location: Williams Hall

SUMMARY: Simplex reported fire alarm activation. Activation caused by defective smoke detector. 


Suspicious Person

Location: Roy H. Park Hall

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person made eye contact then left. Patrol Officer Neena Testa responded to the incident.


Check on the Welfare

Location: Circle Apartments Building 180

SUMMARY: Caller reported no contact with a person for several days. Officer Neena Testa responded.


April 5

Criminal Mischief 4th Degree

Location: West Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person damaged window screen. Patrol Officer Shawn Lansing responded.


Medical Assistance/Psychological

Location: Terrace 11

SUMMARY: Caller reported difficulty sleeping. Officer transported person to the counseling center. 


Rape 3rd Degree

Location: Terrace 11

SUMMARY: Complainant reported thirdhand information that a person had sexual intercourse with another person without consent. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock responded. 


Suspicious Circumstance

Location: East Tower

SUMMARY: Complainant reported unknown person made two phone calls asking to be contacted about fraud to their account.  


April 6

SCC Disruptive/Excessive noise

Location: East Tower

SUMMARY: Officer reported loud music coming from a locked room. Officer judicially referred four people for noise violation. 


SCC Drug Violations

Location: East Tower

SUMMARY: Caller reported odor of marijuana. Officer judicially referred two people for violation of the drug policy.