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TWSM: Boston Marathon

After the Boston Marathon bombings Monday, the city and the country were on high alert. On Thursday, the FBI released photos of the suspects, an MIT officer was shot, one suspect was killed and the other eventually captured after Boston was on lockdown for hours. Many said it was the largest police operation in Massachusetts history. Throughout the ordeal, social media played a key role in sharing news reports and other information, though that role was not always positive. In Ithaca, tweets were sent out with thoughts and prayers for those in Boston, with status updates on the search for the bombing suspects, and with cheers as news broke of the capture.

We kept track of some of the tweets circulating at the end of this week and the manhunt came to a close for “This Week in Social Media.” Below are tweets from Ithaca community members reacting to the bombings and giving updates.

Ithacans share news about capture of Boston Marathon bomber

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After everything in Boston seeing seven cop cars fly by lights on sirens blaring makes me massively uncomfortable..Grant O’Sullivan
So I’m reading through Mr. Boston bomber’s twitter account and trying to relate it to some articles “analyzing”… fb.me/1HJhQpaOLLP:TS® Lifestyle
Well this is one way to get a story in on deadline — The Problem with One-Night Stands in Locked-Down Boston esquire.com/blogs/culture/…Kera Schulze
To honor Boston I’m having breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.Brian Kluger
Suspect spotted in final photo of 8-year-old Boston Marathon bomb victim Martin Richard nyp.st/11pRmdf via @nypostJohn
I completely and totally exhausted my Twitter API today, refreshing to learn more about the situation in Boston. Glad everyone is safe!Timothy Berry
Sweet Caroline without a doubt put a smile on everyone’s face tonight #bostonnicole milad
Long, but worth the read: MT “@TheAtlantic: The Boston Bombers Were Muslim. It Shouldn’t Matter. This Is Why It Does theatln.tc/118EBDj”Rachael Hartford
Boston strong pic.twitter.com/cW84fpwuSpKevin Zheng
Aurora, connecticut, webster, Boston… make it stop please. Enough is enough.Casey Wilcox
for the only time in my life I am happy to cheer for boston #youruleJohn Avino
As a runner, I’m wondering how #bostonbombing will impact marathon culture… mega-thon.tumblr.com/post/484019476…Megan Devlin
Thank you @Boston_Police !!!Sarah V. Luna
now that the Boston Bomber is in custody, I can turn my attention back to the #NYR game…HOLY SHIT IT’S 8-3?!!!!Allie Lindo
All those police involved today deserve a proper Boston parade #cuetheduckboatsnicole milad
All I want to do is buy a Boston police and FBI agents a beer #usaBrian
All of Boston is chanting USA. Scratch that, the whole country isYA BOY B MARKS
Any word on HOW the #Boston suspect was #captured? Did he give himself up? What is his condition? #Watertown #wegothimKelsey Fowler
The second suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing is in custody! Gratitude to all those involved in capture! #bostonmanhunt #BostonStrongMeredith Maresco
Crowd cheering, shouting “THANK YOU!” as @Boston_Police leave scene in #Watertown. Truly Boston’s finest. Can I send a tab to a Boston bar?Kelsey Fowler
Well done by the boys in blue in Boston..cheers to them tonightRick Day
Boston Mayor just Tweeted “we got him” seems to confirm man in custody is the #Boston suspect. Taken away in ambulance alive.Kelsey Fowler
Cheers to the Boston PD #gotchya #Merica #justiceDustin Baker
So much respect and honor to the Boston police and other police forces. You guys are amazing #bostonHilary
#BREAKING: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is alive and in custody. Loud applause from officers on scene. #BostonStephen Adams
But on a serious note I salute you Boston and Massachusetts state police for your resilience, hoping this will be over soonnicole milad
Brining in the National Guard! LETS GO! #USA #BOSTON cbsloc.al/17y0ezdNathan W. Lundquist
How is it possible to find Bin Laden hiding in a compound in Pakistan but not a teenager in Boston?Andrew Landsman
Been so focused on this #manhunt I missed the several severe thunderstorm warnings I got, stay safe Boston, its coming that way next..Grant O’Sullivan
I love how CNN is telling us how dangerous the streets of Boston are and yet they’re reporting live from the STREET!David Keltz
Batman go save Boston !Tim Williams
If I could do anything in the world right now, I would give Boston a hug.Kathryn Rita
praying for a quick end to the situation in Boston. stay safe, everyone.Katy
Please stop associating the Boston bombers with certain religion and generalize that religion just by the false act of its adherents.Hanny!
This has been a crazy week for mankind. Everyone, remind those around you how much you love and care for them. #Boston #Earthquakes #TexasTori Probert
I would absolutely give my professor a hug if she just put on the TV and let us watch the Boston coverage. #terrorinbostonKera Schulze
Waking up every morning to all of this horrible news breaks my heart. Sending my love to all those effected. Stay safe Boston friends <3Bridget Cafaro
Watching the news since 6:30 with @paigeybxo be safe BostonKelly Jacobus
The FBI today released photos of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. #BostonMarathon #FBI fbi.gov/news/updates-o…Jessica Corbett
Boston is your hometown, but we claim it a little bit, too. I know this, because there’s a little bit of Boston in me. #Obama #BostonStrongEileen Hennigan
We love you Boston @ Textor Hall instagram.com/p/YOestor1OU/Katie Levittan