March 24, 2023
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TWSM: President Obama Comes to Binghamton

President Obama spoke at Binghamton University Friday about his new plan to increase college affordability for the middle class. Anti-fracking demonstrators were present in Binghamton as well, including Ithaca College’s own Sandra Steingraber. Trending topics today were: #ICObama and #BingPOTUS

  1. Photo by @kjloh-President Barack Obama stopped at Binghamton University’s Mandela Room as part of his two day tour of upstate New York. The president promoted his plan for affordable higher education and fielded questions from the audience ranging from debt to racism to the environment. #BingPOTUS #Obama #BinghamtonUniversity
  2. President Obama spoke on a wide range of issues this afternoon at Binghamton University #BingPOTUS #ICObama
  3. 11 hours, six live hits, one president. Today was long and grueling, but a good time. #BingPOTUS
  4. #bingPOTUS is trending nationwide. This is a pretty big deal. Nice job Binghamton!
  5. President Obama’s bus. #bingpotus
  6. From earlier: Obama supporters, fracking opponents await president’s arrival #BingPOTUS…
  7. @BarackObama says the best thing we can do for students is make sure they graduate in a timely fashion #bingPOTUS #ICObama
  8. @BarackObama says expanding early education is “just common sense.” #bingPOTUS #ICObama
  9. I really hope Obama weighs in on important issues like Egypt and this whole Batman debacle. #bingPOTUS
  10. President Stenger and Mrs. Stenger wait alongside the press for the event to begin #bingPOTUS @BUPipeDream…
  11. Binghamton Now – Doors have opened. President Obama is on his way. #BingPOTUS
  12. NYAF founder Sandra Steingraber revving up the crowds in Binghamton, telling @BarackObama #DontFrackUS #BingPOTUS…
  13. “@JonCampbellGAN: Anti-frackers are handing out these chant sheets. #BingPOTUS…”Why aren’t they at work?? #Losers
  14. Just another day at the office… Nice to see some former colleagues! #bingpotus
  15. Got our press passes, ready to report from the front #BingPOTUS #ICObama
  16. 200 media outlets from around the country are here and talking about @binghamtonu! #BingPOTUS
  17. Pro-fracking landowners are hanging huge signs in Otsiningo Park along I-81 for Obama motorcade #BingPOTUS…