December 2, 2022
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Letter to the editor: Divest IC aims for dialogue

Divest IC often receives constructive criticism; most commonly, we hear that we are neglecting the complex process behind the divestment of our endowment. We have taken this criticism in stride by doing further research and speaking to experts and administrators in order to move forward realistically. However, we are often met with roadblocks in this process, as our attempts for open dialogue with the board and administration have been repeatedly ignored and cut off.

Our most recent goal is to form a sustainable investment committee, including students, faculty, administration and board members, by May. We hoped to work alongside the board and administration to make it a reality, but they continue to ignore our emails and steps toward collaboration. As a result of this inaction, along with our organization’s growing financial understanding, we may be forced to again readjust the timeline of our goals. We have also seen seven other U.S. schools divest, and we can learn from them to make divestment at Ithaca College a more timely and realistic process.

The fact that our campaign is constantly changing indicates our increasing knowledge and our ability to adapt within perpetually shifting circumstances. We are not financial experts. We are smart and strong organizers who realize a dangerous contradiction put forth by our institution of higher education. It is not our role to produce a complete, infallible solution to this problem. It is our role to be sure that our values as students are upheld, despite whatever challenges we face.