March 23, 2023
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Editorial: BIPOC students are rising up against discrimination

On March 2 and 3, Ithaca College students of color rose up to share their voices. An Instagram account called IC Rise Up collected personal statements about racism, micro-aggressions and discrimination encounters around the college. IC Rise Up then printed and shared students’ experiences around campus, which later were taken down by college personnel, according to a post on IC Rise Up’s Instagram. The statements appeared around campus a second time and are standing strong as of now, even though some of them were initially taken down by facilities. The question still stands: why did the college try to silence these voices the first time? 

The college’s policy does not allow any non-college-approved groups’ materials to be distributed around campus — a silencing excuse. In reality, all this policy did to many BIPOC students who shared the racist encounters in college was wound them after they spoke up. It takes courage to share personal experiences and having your college rip down your experience like it is nothing cannot be any more devastating.  

Discrimination on Ithaca College’s campus came to the surface thanks to shared experiences from BIPOC students. Seeing the amount of harm caused to BIPOC students in a college that “stands against” and educates about micro-aggressions and racism is trust-breaking. These revealed secrets make one wonder if a safe space exists anywhere at all when it does not on a college campus — a place that is supposed to shape moral and people’s identities, to make one feel at home.     

Enough is enough and no BIPOC student should face micro-aggressions and exclusion, especially while being taught about it on a daily basis. Ithaca College failed its students of color and it must not be excused. Every member of Ithaca College must come together and stand up against discrimination.   

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