October 4, 2022
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Editorial: SGA’s novel idea

By pursuing an issue that he found problematic, a Class of 2017 senator worked with the library to absolve students of all overdue library fees

After Drew Olkowski, Class of 2017 senator, presented a bill calling for a 50 percent reduction in the $1 per day library late fees to Ithaca College library staff, the library resolved to eliminate late fees for overdue items. The library has also reduced recall fines, fees put in place once an item has been requested by another student, from $5 to $1 a day.

Olkowski called libraries from the top 50 universities on U.S. News & World Report’s Regional University North Rankings list, which includes comparable institutions such as Rider University and Loyola University of Maryland. By doing this, Olkowski discovered the college library had the most expensive late fees. Rather than settle for disappointment, Olkowski worked with the library toward a solution that benefits all students.

It is refreshing to hear the library was receptive to Olkowski’s bill and also encouraging that a student took the initiative to make positive change on the college campus. Olkowski’s bill shows that it is worthwhile to pursue solutions to issues faced on campus, even as students. Sometimes, there is room for collaboration between students and the college in the most unexpected circumstances.

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