March 30, 2023
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Editorial: That’s the spirit

Students with different spiritual ties coexist on Ithaca College’s campus. Now, more can be done to move beyond interfaith coexistence and into understanding.

Greater participation in on-campus religious organizations has helped initiate the creation of the Interfaith Council. It makes sense that as more students attend religious services and events, a council would form to promote harmony among students of different religions. Muller Chapel is not bound to services for one religion, and it now strives more to reflect students’ desire to learn.

Along with solidifying beliefs should come the effort to find common meaning among religions. As the council grows in tandem with participation in religious communities, students should continue interfaith dialogue to understand, accept and respect differing beliefs.

When students are able to not only discern the differences between religions but also recognize the commonality between them, the campus community could grow even further together in spirit.

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