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Editorial: AP coursework gets no credit

By The Ithacan | Mar 26, 2014

Beginning with the Class of 2017, Ithaca College is limiting application of Advanced Placement credits toward courses for the Integrative Core Curriculum.

Editorial: Missing: LGBTQ Studies Program

By | Dec 4, 2013

Ithaca College strives to portray itself as an LGBTQ-friendly campus.

Editorial: Students won’t lounge around

By | Nov 13, 2013

The recently announced plan to close down the TC Lounge reflects an ongoing pattern, from the implementation of the student media policy to the integration of the Integrative Core Curriculum program, of the Ithaca College administration’s failure to engage the student body when making decisions that impact the students.

Editorial: Education: still loading

By | Oct 22, 2013

Outside the context of higher education, Wi-Fi is a luxury that keeps society constantly “plugged in.” But on a college campus, Internet access is a necessary tool for professors to teach their students.

Editorial: Drugs education beats testing

By | Oct 9, 2013

Like 79 percent of Division III schools, Ithaca College does not have a college-specific drug-testing policy for its student-athletes.

Editorial: City job report lacks context

By | Oct 3, 2013

Between 2002 and 2012, the City of Ithaca had the highest job-growth rate in New York state — outperforming New York City, Syracuse and Albany.

Editorial: E-cigs light up policy potential

By | Sep 25, 2013

Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigs,” are a trending alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Editorial: School and game, tied for first

By | Sep 18, 2013

Ithaca College is not a place that many would expect to frequently pump out professional athletes — and it doesn’t.

Editorial: Forms override frustrations

By | Sep 11, 2013

As Ithaca College makes the shift to online course override forms, it joins schools such as Michigan State University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst in digitizing higher education’s registration process.

Editorial: Allies are few, solidarity is far

By | Sep 4, 2013

In the wake of racially charged issues, such as the killing of Trayvon Martin and the Supreme Court’s invalidation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, it is disheartening that so few white people attended the 50th Anniversary March on Washington.

Editorial: Res Life repeats housing mistakes

By | Aug 29, 2013

For the second time in the past five years, Ithaca College has suffered a housing mishap because it over-enrolled the number of incoming first-year students.