March 28, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: Retired Associate Director responds to commentary

Dr. Fae Dremock’s essay, “The lives that IC administration chainsaw massacred,” is a sad tale — and cautionary, if anyone is paying attention. It’s way too late for the 116 non-tenure-track faculty members like Professor Dremock and the countless unprotected temporary, adjunct, lecturer and other so-called “contingent” faculty members, as well as the hundreds of staff members who were fired without cause in the last few years. Those who remain have been forced to pick up more work and remain vulnerable. Morale on South Hill must be lower than ever.

Preposterously, Ithaca College also thought it was a good idea at this critical time in human history to eliminate the faculty and programs focused on environmental and social justice as well as climate change understanding, mitigation and adaptation.

Instead of being a nurturing, community-minded institution, Ithaca College has clearly decided to model itself after some of the worst businesses on Wall Street. It aims to attract and churn out graduates who will become indentured, because of their massive student debt, to those very businesses. This perpetuates a vicious cycle. But it does not need to be like this. There are alternatives, which can be found in Ecoversities’ information on caring and forward-thinking education models.

Maura Stephens 

Retired Associate Director, Park Center for Independent Media, Journalism