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Senior Caroline Peyron, president of ICYAL, said the activity was meant to remind students about their right to free speech and assembly and allowed students to write on a giant beach ball over five feet in height. Later in the day, the situation escalated when some students slashed the ball and argued with the organizers.

Free speech activity causes mixed reactions from campus

By Prakriti Panwar, Contributing Writer October 10, 2022
Ithaca College students engaged in heated discussions Oct. 5 on the academic quad outside of Campus Center around a free speech ball set up by the college’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter
National Recap: 13 people charged in plot to kidnap Michigan Governor

National Recap: 13 people charged in plot to kidnap Michigan Governor

By John Turner, Opinion Editor October 13, 2020
The individuals involved are suspected of attempting to identify addresses of those in law enforcement so they could target them.

The Constitution is not outdated

By Kyle Stewart September 20, 2016
The Constitution is a framework for our government and our country. It is not meant to address every societal and technological change. Nor should it.

What happened to compromise?

By Kyle Stewart April 28, 2016
We used to work together to find common ground. Now, we label those who disagree with us as bad people.

Scalia’s legacy is honorable

By Kyle Stewart February 24, 2016
To most people, Scalia’s name meant nothing. To some people, Scalia was a conservative justice. And to me, Scalia was a legend.
From left, Evan Layne, vice president of business and finance; Senate Chair Marieme Foote; Dominick Reckkio, Student Government Association president; Matilda Thornton-Clark, interim vice president of campus affairs raise placards to speak during the Feb. 1 SGA meeting.

Ithaca College SGA delays vote for official induction of VP

By Justin Henry, Contributing Writer February 3, 2016
Ithaca College Student Government Association delayed the induction of interim vice president of campus affairs, Matilda Thornton-Clark, following low senate attendance and confusion over the constitution.
From left, senators Matilda Thornton-Clark, Charlotte Robertson and Seondre Carolina vote at a Student Government Association meeting. It was announced Jan. 19 that Thornton-Clark would fill the open position for vice president of campus affairs.

Ithaca College SGA selects permanent VP of Campus Affairs

By Kyle Arnold, Staff Writer January 22, 2016
Former Class of 2016 senator Matilda Thornton-Clark has been chosen to take over as the Student Government Association vice president of campus affairs on a permanent basis, according to a Jan. 19 SGA announcement.

A Second Glance at the Second Amendment

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger September 20, 2015
One of the current hot topics of conversation and political agenda is gun ownership. The United States Constitution specifically outlines the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment. It is a basic freedom of American citizens that we are allowed to possess guns for self-defense. Yet, with mass shootings taking place all throughout the country, questions have been raised about guns.

Video: Ithaca’s Move to Amend rallies for local support

By Jaclyn CataldiSydney Fusto January 23, 2013
The Move to Amend organization rallies at Autumn Leaves Used Books in the Ithaca Commons to push for a constitutional amendment.

Between The Lines: Bonds and Clemens should be kept out of the Hall of Fame

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist December 4, 2012
Columnist Nathan Bickell states why he feels Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should be kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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