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HiFashion Studios will be ‘Sporting Gold’ in upcoming show

By | Nov 16, 2016

On Nov. 17, HiFashion Studios will present another biannual fashion show in Emerson Suites, this time with an athletic wear theme.

Student run HiFashion Studios host spring “Art Pop” runway show

By The Ithacan | Mar 25, 2015

HiFashion Studios hosts “Art Pop” runway show.

ITHACA TODAY: Tuesday, Feb. 4

By The Ithacan | Feb 4, 2014

Todays news and events in Ithaca.

HiFashion Studios president and founder graduates after two years of leadership

By | Jan 24, 2013

Senior Pedro Maldonado will graduate at the end of this semester. He and four other students founded HiFashion Studios in the fall of 2010.

Fashion club to travel back in time with ’70s Bohemian show

By | Oct 25, 2011

From the rack to the runway, ’70s Bohemian fashion is making a comeback today at the HiFashion Studios show.