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Cupid’s mouse

By | Feb 15, 2008

In theory, it was a perfect match. They laughed at each other’s jokes, they were pursuing similar careers and they both had a nice smile. Most importantly, there seemed to be chemistry between them. After two weeks of correspondence over the phone and the Internet, it was time to meet. Alumnus Josh Breidbart ’07 recalls…

Murderer and cursed lawyer face off in drama

By | May 4, 2007

In light of previous roles, it is difficult to watch Anthony Hopkins and not see him as an evil, manipulative genius. Fortunately, the audience needs not shed this preconception, as “Fracture” borrows the character of Hannibal Lecter — sans the cannibalism — for its own devices. The film begins with an all-too-original formula. Ted Crawford…

Singing from the soul

By | Apr 19, 2007

Sophomore Carami Hilaire, a mezzo soprano, sings with her eyes closed. As she practices Sunday in the Whalen Center for Music, her arms move to the music, her voice resonates strongly, infused with a smooth vibrato. When the music is slow, her dynamics are subtle. When it’s fast, she snaps her fingers and sings with…

Cooperative founder speaks about issues in Uganda

By | Feb 22, 2007

J.J. Keki is the founder and director of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative, which exports the coffee beans of more than 550 Ugandan farmers to the Thanksgiving Coffee Company in California. He talked about the fair trade coffee, Mirembe Kawomera, as well as religious intolerance in Uganda on Monday in the Center for Natural Sciences. Staff…

a few Q’s

By | Feb 15, 2007

As part of Ithaca College’s celebration of Black History Month, Whitehead coordinated a concert that will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday in Ford Hall. Several local choral ensembles are set to perform. Staff Writer Aaron Arm spoke with Whitehead about his reasons for planning the concert, as well as the message of hope he…

Rebuilding stories

By | Feb 1, 2007

A brick was missing in the sidewalks of Moscow. A Heineken bottle cap and a used cigarette butt lay in its place. The scene may not appear to hold any deep message, but then again, it’s not supposed to. The picture was taken by Nicholas Muellner, assistant professor of cinema, photography and media arts. Currently…

Student DJ shares the electronic love

By | Dec 8, 2006

Sophomore Andrew Garcia adjusts the knobs and dials on his mixer as he inserts a CD. A thumping bass and a repeating synthetic melody fill his room Nov. 16 in Emerson Hall. Thanks to the tracks he bought online, he freely mixes and spins his own electronic music. Garcia has been listening to Armin Van…

Exploring identities through art

By | Nov 16, 2006

A life-size cutout of a woman stands in the middle of the Handwerker Gallery, two holes carved in her to reveal looping video screens. On one screen, fastened between her legs, her father explains how he once believed childbirth occurred in the breast. Behind her right breast, artist Itty Neuhaus explains her own encounter with…