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Commentary: Buzzfeed editor and alumnus offers job advice

By | Apr 20, 2016

I work at BuzzFeed and people love making references to our lists (we don’t say “listicles”), so here are three fundamental truths I’ve learned that might help.

Person arrested after tweeting senior semi-formal bomb threat

By | May 18, 2012

The class of 2012 semi-formal was evacuated late Thursday evening after a student posted a tweet saying there was a bomb in Phillips Hall.

Editor’s inspiration stems from life-changing experience

By | May 3, 2012

At some point in my 4-year-old sister’s life, someone will have to sit her down and explain to her that she almost didn’t make it into this world alive.

‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’: Rap princess reloads sound with wannabe pop tracks

By | Apr 11, 2012

The bright colors, eccentric wigs and the layers of spandex all seemed to decorate the path to a new, more clearly defined era for Nicki Minaj, the undisputed chart-topping champion of pop-driven hip-hop hierarchy.

‘Smash’: Hit NBC show deserves a look

By | Mar 21, 2012

You’d be hard-pressed to find an article or review — this one being no exception — on NBC’s newest musical series endeavor “Smash” without hearing mention of its not-so-similar second cousin, “Glee.” But that’s the catch. Seven episodes into its first season, this high-energy prime-time gamble has capitalized on and targeted its toe-tapping appeal to…

Commentary: Students need outlet for fostering newsroom diversity

By | Dec 14, 2011

I’m not new to experiencing racism on the job.

‘The Light in the Piazza’: Charming cast glows in heartwarming musical

By | Nov 10, 2011

There’s a light — or several, rather — in Dillingham Center at Ithaca College this week.

No day but today

By | Oct 27, 2011

Xavier Reyes doesn’t consider himself a particularly religious person. But on the day of his audition to the Ithaca College theater department in the spring of 2011, he appealed to a higher power. He needed strength that day.

Where is Super Bass, Nicki?

By | May 1, 2011

Nicki Minaj has suspended the release of the music video for “Super Bass,” her latest single off “Pink Friday.”

All That Jazz royal wedding roundup

By | Apr 30, 2011

Yesterday was a day unlike any other. Myself and hundreds of thousands of people from all over England and the world gathered in Hyde Park, outside Westminster Abbey and in many pubs, homes and venues in the city to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

EW’s top 10 ways to save movies

By | Apr 27, 2011

Entertainment Weekly writers Anthony Breznican, Josh Rottenberg, and Benjamin Svetkey recently published a list of 10 ways to save the moviegoing industry, from tips on what movie studios should do to increase viewership and even a gentle jab at the unhealthy nature of movie theater popcorn (1.610 calories in a medium-sized bag? Geez…)

You’re just a bunch of dirty misfits.

By | Apr 24, 2011

A group of misfit adolescents are sentenced to community service and get caught in a lightning storm that gives them supernatural powers. Woah. Backtrack. Sounds like a winner.