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Kurt’s very own ‘Teenage Dream’

By | Nov 7, 2010

We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a love interest for “Glee’s” Kurt Hummel and back in September, whispers about Darren Criss filling the role of the cute, gay rival Glee club star who Kurt falls for began to swell. And now, those rumors are substantiated in the form of a too-adorable-for-words rendition of…

The ladies of SNL…

By | Nov 6, 2010

…So much talent in one video. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a few minutes to watch the Ladies of SNL (ranging from Ana Gasteyer all the way to current cast member Kristin Wiig) perform as the ladies of the Real Housewives. Whenever SNL showcases its strong female cast members, I can’t help…

Tweet me once, tweet me twice

By | Nov 5, 2010

First, Beyonce was pregnant. Then Kanye West died a few times. And I’m pretty sure, at some point, Christine O’Donnell became a witch.

Lightening the load

By | Nov 4, 2010

As scholarly expectations for college professors climb nationwide, faculty members seeking tenure at Ithaca College are juggling more responsibilities in and out of the classroom amid discussion to lighten the teaching load.

Shivering with antici…pation

By | Oct 29, 2010

It’s the Friday before Halloween and I have no costume. Though that’s not a new thing, as I haven’t really “dressed” up for Halloween since high school, this year seems different in my mind. I feel compelled to throw some random assortment of clothes together to make some inkling of a costume. Why? Because of…

Welcome back, Amy Ryan!

By | Oct 27, 2010

“Office” enthusiasts, rejoice! Holly Flax, who played Michael Scott’s female counterpart and love interest, is returning to an episode of “The Office” in December. And what a great early Christmas gift this is. On the Dec. 9 one-hour Christmas episode, Flax’s character, Amy Ryan, will grace out television screens (or computer screens for you fellow…

Musical dazzles despite weak concept

By | Oct 27, 2010

For almost 14 years the Broadway revival of “Chicago” — the jazzy musical by Fred Ebb, John Kander and Bob Fosse — has invited audiences to a world where scintillating sinners wear their buckle shoes and get away with naughty things. The revival, which was darker than the original “Chicago,” set an unshakable image of…

Daniel Ellsberg gives advice to modern activists

By | Oct 21, 2010

Daniel Ellsberg transformed American war politics in 1971 after releasing the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret study prepared by the U.S. Department of Defense that shed light on the history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. Since then, Ellsberg has remained an advocate for independent media and government activism.

Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ Video

By | Oct 19, 2010

The video for Willow Smith’s debut single, “Whip My Hair,” came out today and boy is it a piece of work. Willow, daughter to the one-and-only Will Smith, twists, turns and drops some serious dance moves in this thumping thriller of a video. It’s what I would imagine would happen if you put Rihanna, Jay-Z…

The Fame won’t touch them

By | Oct 18, 2010

Ever had that realization that you were among the first people to see a video that blew up on the Internet? I know the feeling. Back before Lady Gaga was popular, I saw “Just Dance” and knew it would change the face of contemporary pop music. I can also proudly say that I was one…

Me and the chocolate factory

By | Oct 13, 2010

I got accepted into the Ithaca College London Center for Spring 2011 this week and am beyond excited about going to study abroad next semester in England! In light of the news, I’ve been brushing up on all the artistic hotspots I’ll need to hit up during my time across the pond. The first of…

Firefighters put out electrical fire in science building

By | Oct 8, 2010

An electrical fire caused by a person plugging in a device in a Center for Natural Sciences lab set off multiple alarms today, forcing all students, faculty and staff in the building to evacuate.