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Jazzin’ it up

By | Oct 20, 2010

O.J. Simpson didn’t invent the concept of a celebrity criminal — he learned his tricks from the ’20s. A little murder, booze and scandal plus a whole lot of sweet-talking form “Chicago,” a 35-year-old show set in Prohibition-era Chicago. Though the same concept seems to define both the Broadway and movie versions, Ithaca College is…

My Little Pony = Art?

By | Oct 6, 2010

Go raid the basement closet and sift through those childhood toys from the late ’80s — someone wants your naked My Little Pony dolls.

Hand-sewn shark buddy bites into plush world

By | Oct 6, 2010

The next time you have a bad day, don’t worry — a shark Chum Buddy is lurking in the corner of your bed, waiting.

Hot or Not: M.I.A. concert at Cornell University’s Barton Hall

By | Oct 6, 2010

Assistant Accent Editor Alexandra Evans rates the elements of M.I.A.’s concert Sunday at Barton Hall.

Clearing the Haze

By | Oct 6, 2010

When Srijana Bajracharya, professor of health promotion and physical education, was a child in Nepal, she saw her uncle light up his hookah every day after work. When he died at age 49 from lung cancer, he had never touched a cigarette. “People are pretty conscious not to start [smoking cigarettes],” she said. “If they…

M.I.A. stays true to eclectic style

By | Oct 5, 2010

British singer M.I.A. is known for controversial antics and songs that emphasize electronic sound and emotion. She’s been the brunt of criticism this past year after she delivered disappointing performances that lacked focus and energy as she mumbled her lyrics and made fans think she looked too high to perform. Though she definitely didn’t seem…

Number 67,000

By | Sep 30, 2010

Getting paid to party is a pretty sweet gig.

Doctor’s New Bra Design Functions as Life Support

By | Sep 30, 2010

A new type of lingerie doubles as both a bra and a face mask for emergencies.

Hot or Not: Fall Legging Styles

By | Sep 24, 2010

Assistant Accent Editor Alexandra Evans discusses the newest legwear styles — from the subtly sexy to the obnoxious.

Hot or Not: Lady Gaga’s Looks at the 2010 VMAs

By | Sep 16, 2010

Assistant Accent Editor Alexandra Evans rates Lady Gaga’s outfits at the 2010 VMAs — from fabulous to appalling.

Frolicking into town

By | Apr 29, 2010

The swarm of hungry people who stumble out of the bars on a Saturday night on The Commons now have a new food heaven to flock to. Visitors can plop down in comfy chairs and couches and enjoy a different kind of late-night dish — waffles.

Staying Sober

By | Apr 22, 2010

While some students stumble home after a Friday or Saturday night out, others are working into the early hours of the weekend. In the fourth installment of the “A Night in the Life” series, Staff Writer Alexandra Evans discovers what it’s like to be the man responsible for keeping the noise down, drunk students off…