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Residents criticize lack of lounges

By | Apr 22, 2010

This year’s focus groups concerning residential experiences found that students are frustrated about losing their lounges.

Futures in fashion

By | Apr 15, 2010

Three students are quickly working to sew up loose ends in preparation for showing their original designs at the college fashion show.

Honors program to expand overseas

By | Apr 9, 2010

The honors program at Ithaca College is expanding internationally with the addition of a full honors semester at the Ithaca College London Center and new seminars to be offered in the fall.

Fashion craze mixes T-shirts with DNA

By | Mar 10, 2010

While vintage tops and destroyed denim are a way to dress like no one else, science has found a way to be even more individualistic with fashion. Two recent college graduates are using DNA to make outfits more personal. A new clothing line by Identity Apparel blends science and fashion by allowing the customer to…

Theater students to act out French novel

By | Feb 26, 2010

Ithaca College’s upcoming production will be the regional premiere of “The Little Prince” and the first time an adult female performer has been cast at the college as the Little Prince, which is usually played by a young boy. Many poetic phrases in the upcoming opera, “The Little Prince,” urge audience members to look beyond…

Local organization to collect tents for Haiti victims

By | Feb 10, 2010

Local parents and their children from Ithaca’s Northern Lights Roots and Shoots, a global youth service program that teaches children the importance of making a difference, will be collecting tents and selling baked goods this weekend to contribute to the relief effort in Haiti. The group is asking for lightweight tent models in good condition.…

Let the good times roll…

By | Feb 5, 2010

In an era where mainstream Hollywood films often dominate the movie theaters, Cornell Cinema offers what other theaters don’t: history. Since the ’70s, Cornell Cinema has been a staple in Ithaca’s film community. This year the cinema is celebrating 40 years as a venue devoted to showing independent, foreign and second-run Hollywood films. Mary Fessenden,…

TCAT adds direct routes to schedule

By | Jan 28, 2010

Ithaca College students who ride the TCAT can expect to see cheaper bus passes, more frequent stops at the college, extended hours and the replacement of transfer routes with direct routes as part of the company’s Transportation Development Plan that went into effect Jan. 17. TCAT Service Development Manager Nancy Oltz said the decision was…

Junior creates company using a little bit of elbow grease

By | Nov 19, 2009

Some students earn money by refilling the salad bar at the dining halls or folding clothes at Urban Outfitters downtown. Ithaca College junior business administration major Matt Ruger has a slightly different approach. In the aftermath of a Saturday night party at a Cornell University fraternity house, Ruger is the one who’s called to clean…

Senior’s poetry inspires group

By | Oct 23, 2009

“Yes, Baby, I know you love me, but that is something I will not do / I will not choose / To create the biggest snafu / Let me break it down for you like a reversed haiku,” senior Jaylene Clark shouts out onstage at last year’s Spit That! Open Mic Night. These lyrics from…

High hopes and higher heels spearhead IC theater season

By | Oct 2, 2009

A tall silhouette of a figure with broad shoulders takes the stage. As the lights emerge, the sound of clicking heels fills the theater, and Marlene is revealed — not a man, but an independent, working woman of the ’80s. She holds herself with a confident gait and a strong demeanor. Norm Johnson, director of…

Life in the fast lane

By | Sep 11, 2009

Professor of physics Michael “Bodhi” Rogers has a passion for the sciences and chrome. After a long day of classes, he walks over to the Admissions parking lot behind the Center for Natural Sciences. In one hand is his briefcase and in the other a slick, black helmet. When most people think of those who…