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Film gives new look at old-school issue

By | Nov 10, 2010

It’s really no secret that the United States’ public education system needs an overhaul. But writer and director Davis Guggenheim still manages to make “Waiting for ‘Superman’” an informative and heartbreaking documentary about public education.

‘Retired’ stars blow up action

By | Oct 20, 2010

Throughout the ’80s cop movie “Lethal Weapon,” Sgt. Roger Murtaugh keeps saying he’s getting too old for the action of a policeman’s life. But with their guns blazing and their age-defying stunts, the characters in “Red” seem to disagree.

Latest Maroon 5 album fails to surpass first hit

By | Sep 29, 2010

Nothing Maroon 5 does will ever match the originality and charisma of its first album, “Songs About Jane,” but its third album, “Hands All Over,” makes a noble attempt.

Newbie surges onto Hollywood scene

By | Sep 22, 2010

It seems Hollywood has found another funny redheaded ingénue while Lindsay Lohan gets her life together. With the witty and entertaining “Easy A,” Emma Stone stakes her claim to ginger-haired supremacy and keeps the audience fully entertained from beginning to end.

Eyes on the prize

By | Sep 22, 2010

For freshman Lauren Crandall, beauty pageants aren’t always glamorous. In fact, parts of them are downright painful.

Great Elk sets Wildfire Lounge ablaze

By | Sep 15, 2010

The band was small, the room was small and the crowd was small. But with their country-tinged indie rock and their mellow attitude, Great Elk’s performance at Wildfire Lounge on Saturday night smoothly blended its name into the folky Ithaca music niche.

Controllers wanted

By | Nov 5, 2009

Characters move across the desert sand battling over ancient ruins in the Middle East. Lines from animated players tell the history of crusades and wars. This is not the typical video game on store shelves, but then again, junior Corey Jeffers isn’t the typical video game designer. Jeffers designed the video game his freshman year…

‘Trick or Eat’ donates canned goods to locals

By | Oct 30, 2009

Senior Zaneta Clarke is going out for Halloween this year. She and her friends are meeting early to do their makeup and plan out their evening. Instead of heading to clubs and house parties, they plan on going door to door — trick-or-treating for a cause. Organized by Stop Wasting Ithaca’s Food Today, “Trick or…

Creator of Post Secret visits Binghamton University

By | Oct 7, 2009

Every day, Frank Warren opens his Maryland mailbox to hundreds of postcards from complete strangers, divulging deep and dark secrets. As the creator of Post Secret, the collection of anonymous postcards dispelling people’s biggest secrets, Warren volunteered to keep secrets of millions worldwide — and in the process, created a cultural phenomenon that has led…

Restaurants renovate locations downtown

By | Oct 2, 2009

South Cayuga Street is thriving. There are a few businesses, like Stiehl’s Body Modification, the Christian Science Reading Room and the chic clothing store Avanti, that add flair to the street, but surprisingly, no restaurants. The only visible eatery on South Cayuga Street is an abandoned storefront café, and it looks nowhere near ready to…

Performer and folk band team up to tour Northeast

By | Sep 4, 2009

With strums on an acoustic guitar and the blend of folk lyrics and a raspy tone, Matt Singer relays the poetry he calls his music. Singer shares the stage with two straightforward lyricists that make up the group Great Elk. After years of crossing paths at various open-mic nights in Brooklyn, the duo and the…

Independent movie theaters combine on Commons

By | Apr 30, 2009

To the unobservant eye, Home Dairy Alley is a dark, empty gap between Maté Factor and Center Ithaca. But beyond this breach is a paint-chipped door leading to a hidden gem: Cinemapolis, Ithaca’s nonprofit independent movie theater. The two-screen theater is as mysterious and interesting as the movies it shows. Sophomore Brad Collins said the…