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December 15, 2018   |   Ithaca, NY

Everything’s coming up Rozatones

By | Mar 25, 2009

Hippies, hipsters, posers, locals, musicians and students — a motley crowd has descended upon Castaways on a cold February night to experience one of the hottest funk bands in Ithaca. Even before the six members of the Rozatones take the stage, the anticipation in the packed music venue is palpable. Mere moments into the band’s…

Master of Horror

By | Sep 4, 2008

With less than two months before the theatrical release of “Saw V,” Executive Producer Dan Heffner ’78 made another trip to Ithaca College to speak to students and faculty members and screen clips from “Saw V” and “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” a horror-movie musical he produced, Aug. 29 in Park Auditorium. Online Media Editor Andy…

A found sound

By | Dec 13, 2007

The Handwerker Gallery was packed to capacity Friday night as The Tundra Toes took to the stage. To complement the already amped-up vibe, audience members were given handheld percussion instruments, which they shook and rattled to the beat. Despite the infectious energy in the room, however, senior vocalist and lead guitarist CJ Knowles said this…

Student internships disrupted by writers’ strike

By | Nov 29, 2007

When senior Scott Berg began the semester at the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program, he was anxious to pursue a career in screenwriting as an intern at both CBS Interactive and DirecTV’s “Passions.” He never imagined he would find himself in the middle of one of the entertainment industry’s biggest upsets in recent years —…

A dance community

By | Oct 25, 2007

The choice of footwear ranges from socks to sneakers to monkey slippers, but every pair of feet has the same goal: stomp the ground, kick up some dust and have a good time. View a video of people contra dancing at the Bethel Grove Community Center The Bethel Grove Community Center has been hosting weekly…

Funny actors flounder with cheap jokes in flat comedy

By | Sep 20, 2007

The only funny part of “Mr. Woodcock” is its title. Other than that, the film has nothing to offer but 87 minutes of uninspired acting, lackluster dialogue and an incredibly random appearance by “daytime diva” Tyra Banks. “Mr. Woodcock” tells the story of John Farley (Seann William Scott), the successful author of a self-help book…

Kitchen Theatre show examines issues of race

By | May 3, 2007

Sara Lampert Hoover, an accomplished director and choreographer, has worked on shows in many different parts of the country. After directing a show with the Vermont Stage Company, Hoover returned to Ithaca to direct “Yellowman,” by Dael Orlandersmith, at the Kitchen Theatre Company. The play focuses on Eugene, a black man rejected by his father…

Amateur barber hones his craft

By | Apr 26, 2007

Dylan Mess likes making people look good. As an amateur barber, he has turned the bathroom of his quad double into a makeshift parlor. A sign outside his room reads “Need a haircut?” and points customers in the direction of the “D. Mess Barbershop.” Assistant Accent Editor Andy Swift spoke with Mess about how he…

Ninja Turtles defend their big screen honor

By | Mar 29, 2007

Since their initial inception in 1984, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have managed to reinvent themselves more times than Madonna. And still, after a comic book series, three live-action theatrical films and three TV series, the turtles have once again achieved new life on the silver screen. Their latest incarnation, an all-CGI film titled “TMNT,”…

Different media converge to tell story of French poet

By | Feb 16, 2007

Cornell Cinema staff member Ross Haarstad has coordinated a theatrical production about the life and works of 19th-century poet Arthur Rimbaud. The performance is titled “Rêves/Rimbaud: A Work in Progress,” the first production from Theatre Incognita, a company created by Haarstad and a group of his friends. The show will incorporate elements of dance, text,…

Turtle Island Quartet is ‘lean, mean and groovy-hip’

By | Feb 1, 2007

The Turtle Island Quartet specializes in improvisational performance. Its four members have been involved in many television and film soundtracks, and the group won a Grammy in 2006 for the album “4 + Four.” The quartet is on tour and will perform at Ithaca College this weekend in Ford Hall. Assistant Accent Editor Andy Swift…

Out & About

By | Jan 25, 2007

LGBT film series returns with historical drama The “Out of the Closet and Onto the Screen” film series, sponsored by the Center for LGBT Education, Outreach and Services, will screen “Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker” at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Textor 103. The drama is based on the true story of…