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Review: One Direction steers sophomore album in wrong direction

By | Nov 29, 2012

The pop boy band released its second album “Take Me Home.”

Review: Christina Aguilera conforms to contemporary pop with ‘Lotus’

By | Nov 28, 2012

The pop princess released her seventh studio album “Lotus.”

Review: Taylor Swift falls short on fourth album ‘Red’

By | Oct 24, 2012

Taylor Swift released her fourth studio album, “Red,” with some new influences on the tracks.

Review: P!nk’s potty mouth shines with ‘The Truth About Love’

By | Oct 22, 2012

P!nk shines with her sixth studio album “The Truth About Love.”

Review: Carly Rae Jepsen gets fans moving with ‘Kiss’

By | Sep 25, 2012

The pop star released her debut album, ‘Kiss.’

‘MDNA’: Glamorous mega pop star fades with lackluster album

By | Apr 4, 2012

If the title of her new album, “MDNA,” is any indication, Madonna wants her fan base to really know what she’s made of. One spin of the album is enough to know that the answer is apparently glitter, leather and outdated fads that reveal an unsightly fork in the road in the career of one…

‘The Hunger Games Soundtrack’: Artists soften folk-pop style in soundtrack

By | Mar 28, 2012

If the books and the newly released film have not fully rounded out the complexities of the message in “The Hunger Games” franchise for viewers, fans should look no further than the soundtrack. Contributed by various artists, the album features interpretations of the films themes of rebellion, disillusionment, corruption and war.

‘Talk That Talk’: Tracks take on lush love

By | Dec 7, 2011

Releasing six albums over a span of seven years, Rihanna is sitting pretty on a hit factory.

‘Under the Mistletoe’: Justin Bieber fails to deliver on spiritless holiday album

By | Nov 30, 2011

Even in the frigid winter months, Bieber fever seems to be heating up. But with his new CD, the teen heartthrob leaves listeners out in the cold.

‘Stronger’: Clarkson escapes pop roots on strongest album to date

By | Nov 16, 2011

On her fifth studio album, Kelly Clarkson shows her strength as an artist with a collection of tracks that range from dance beats to punk-rock tunes.

‘Eleven’: McBride seeks new sound

By | Nov 9, 2011

On her 11th album, “Eleven,” country star Martina McBride attempts to break free of the country mold that has dominated her career.

Lovato stands for survival

By | Oct 5, 2011

After spending almost four months in treatment for emotional and physical distress, Demi Lovato is back with an album that turns personal hardship into soulful gold.