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No shine from Streisand

By | Sep 7, 2011

Even with top-of-the line songwriters, Barbra Streisand’s new album fails to answer the call from her adoring fans.

J-Lo muses on love and self on first album in four years

By | Apr 27, 2011

After changing record labels in 2007, Jennifer Lopez starts anew with a concept album that attempts to delve into the bewilderment of looking for love.

Teenage rebel rocks out on surprisingly catchy CD

By | Apr 20, 2011

Angst-filled girl rock has been an important ingredient to the pop landscape since Alanis Morissette bashed an ex in “You Oughta Know.” “Gossip Girl” actress Taylor Momsen makes an attempt at resurrecting that trend with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Its long awaited pop/rock debut, “Light Me Up,” is an unexpectedly gritty treat.

Britney makes comeback with lofty new wave sound

By | Mar 30, 2011

After the lackluster quality of “Blackout” and the failed attempt at 2008’s “Circus” comeback, Britney Spears’ latest release, “Femme Fatale,” meets expectations of a dance-pop album, especially with the new electronic craze pervading the Top 40 chart.

Immature album falls flat

By | Mar 10, 2011

“Goodbye Lullaby,” a collection of frothy and weepy mid-tempo indie numbers, strives to be a singer-songwriter opus, with rocker Avril Lavigne penning eight of the 14 tracks.