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Swidjit to fully launch May 1

By | Apr 30, 2012

For Alex Colket, the inspiration to create the hyperlocal social media platform Swidjit was, quite fittingly, close to home. After developing an interest in sustainability and creating his own online meal-sharing program, Colket was driven to take community currency to the next level.

Local businesses struggle in higher winter temps

By | Feb 22, 2012

Higher temperatures and lower snow accumulation than normal for the Northeast region are challenging some local businesses to adapt their marketing strategies to stay relevant in the warmer weather.

Ithaca: Home of the First Sundae

By | Apr 13, 2011

For years, there’s been an icy battle between Ithaca, N.Y., and Two Rivers, Wy., over where the ice cream sundae originated, and it’s been anything but sweet.

Ice cream social

By | Apr 13, 2011

Purity Ice Cream has long won over those with a sweet tooth in upstate New York, but for owners Heather and Bruce Lane, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the ice cream hot spot is the cherry on top of a successful business venture.

A fiery passion

By | Nov 10, 2010

For most people, any hobby that would sacrifice a dreadlock would cease to exist on their list of favorite things to do. But one dreadlock-less sophomore Zack Turner still loves to play with fire.

Must-see at IC

By | Aug 26, 2010

Acts galore pop into Ithaca to mix up this fall semester. College students and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly, but if sipping a Keystone Light just isn’t cutting it anymore — for those over the age of 21 — check out the 4th Annual Ithaca Brew Fest on Sept. 4 at Stewart…

Been there done that

By | May 6, 2010

For his last semester at Ithaca College, senior Jon Kagan is enrolled in “Pixels Class.” Well, that’s what he said to persuade the students working in the library to let him print pieces of a blown-up photo of himself and his six roommates half-naked on 100 sheets of paper.

A night in the life: Late-night cravings

By | Feb 26, 2010

While some students stumble home after a Friday or Saturday night out, others are working into the early hours of the weekend. Contributing Writer Brittany Gilpin discovers what it’s like to work the counter at Sammy’s Pizzeria at 1 a.m. It’s shortly after midnight, and the presence and chatter of college students on The Commons…

Rolling in the dough

By | Feb 12, 2010

For Ramsey Brous ’90, the sweet smell of success is the aroma of fresh bread permeating the walls of the Ithaca Bakery. “We have a mission that is more than just selling great food,” he said. “We really have a goal of pleasing all the customers in terms of service, atmosphere and to have an…

ALS to host a revival of hip-hop

By | Jan 26, 2010

Ithaca College students have a few days to trade in their tuxedos and gowns for the annual Winter Wonderland Ball for something a little more casual. This year the African-Latino Society will be hosting a tribute to hip-hop throwback party. The organization’s first event of the semester, From Underground to Uptown: The Revival, will go…