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College employee honored for promoting unity in workplace

By | Nov 15, 2007

Some things in life just seem to come naturally, and with a mother nicknamed “the plant lady,” this seems to be exactly the case with Victor Rosa, an Ithaca College groundskeeper. Rosa, who takes care of the flower beds on campus, said he never intended to work with flowers, even after growing up in a…

Students connect with alumni through Phonathon

By | Oct 25, 2007

A job doesn’t have to feel like just a job — something senior Amy Tuczynski said she discovered when she began working for the Ithaca Phonathon nearly two years ago. “Phonathon isn’t something I think of as a job,” she said. “It’s more something I enjoy coming to.” The Ithaca Phonathon was established to keep…

Reflecting on the ordinary

By | Sep 28, 2007

Scott Russell Sanders, author and professor at Indiana University, has written 19 books, including seven children’s books and eight works of fiction. Sanders, whose writings have been included in “The Norton Reader” and “The Art of the Personal Essay,” presented a lecture, “Honoring the Ordinary” on Tuesday in the Klingenstein Lounge. Sanders will read from…