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New exhibit explores ancient Asian pottery

By | Feb 12, 2010

To artist Momoko Takeshita Keane, pottery is more than an art form. It is a storytelling process connected to the earth shown through her molding of clay into and the firing of her kiln. “Having some of that closeness to earth is something that I am trying to do in my work,” she said. Keane…

‘Made’ for television

By | Mar 4, 2009

On a whiteboard hanging on a freshly painted lime green wall of 15-year-old Carrie Penepent’s bedroom is a list of her biggest dreams. Each goal is represented by a single word or phrase — “Boyfriend.” “Skinny.” “Famous.” “Good College.” “Be on TV.” The Ithaca High School sophomore achieved one of those goals recently when she…

Politics professor brings a dose of reality into teachings

By | Oct 10, 2008

Patricia Rodriguez can’t tell her life story without sharing her hardship. As she speaks of growing up in war-torn Chile, her intriguing green eyes convey an intensity only a victim of injustice could understand. Rodriguez, assistant professor of politics at Ithaca College, was raised in Santiago, Chile, a place that endured many violent political uprisings…