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A farewell to glory days

By | May 4, 2011

My mother, big Bruce Springsteen fan though she is, has always preached to me that I shouldn’t live in my glory days. She doesn’t want me to be like those 1978 football state championship guys who still brag about winning that title. I think I can happily tell her I won’t be roaming the halls…

NFL lockout looms large

By | Apr 28, 2011

The NFL draft is like the MLB All-Star Game of professional sports drafts — it’s the only one anyone actually watches.

International student juggles commitments

By | Apr 28, 2011

Senior Agata Kubik, a native of Czestochowa, Poland, didn’t have aspirations to study in the United States until late in her high school career. After making her first trip to the states during the summer after her junior year to be a camp counselor in the Poconos, she decided she really liked America. But what…

Mascots lack Bomber pride

By | Apr 20, 2011

I hate being tardy for the party, but before publicly voicing my opinions on the mascot search, I really wanted to think things through and give the Mascot Selection Task Force a chance to end what seemed to be a terribly long April Fool’s joke.

Eyeing a title in the scrum

By | Apr 13, 2011

The sports world is home to some of the biggest rivalries around. Whether it’s the Yankees and Sox, the Celtics and Lakers, Ohio State and Michigan — they’re all heated battles that go down to the wire.

Production unshackles audience from play’s difficult material

By | Apr 8, 2011

Living in the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine a time without technology. But Ithaca College Theatre’s most recent production, “Coram Boy,” which is set in the middle of the 1700s, flashes back in time to a place without cell phones, computers, televisions or even cars.

The best day of the year

By | Apr 6, 2011

If I haven’t made myself clear, I love baseball. When I was a kid playing for the Braves in my hometown’s Little League, each night before my games I’d lay out my entire uniform from head to toe on my bed. This was when my dream of being the first woman to play in the…

Trio crowned NCAA champs

By | Mar 30, 2011

From the time I’ve been at Ithaca, I’ve gazed into trophy cases hoping that as a Bomber fan I’d be here to witness a single national championship team, let alone back-to-back runs like the wrestling and women’s soccer teams had in the early ’90s.

Big Dancing with upsets

By | Mar 24, 2011

Unlike Charlie Sheen, I’m bi-losing. My greatest achievements end at winning a signed Ithacappella CD off of a raffle ticket I found on the ground.

Stayin’ on track without a field

By | Mar 10, 2011

The facilities at Ithaca College are notorious for being, how do I say this nicely, subpar? Whether it’s the baby blue walls of Ben Light Gymnasium or the lack of lights on any outdoor athletic field that doesn’t suit your fancy, this place has got its share of problems.

From Kingston to the court

By | Mar 2, 2011

When junior Leisa Robotham decided to come to Ithaca College, she didn’t know whether or not her squash career would continue on South Hill.

Cruz control

By | Feb 24, 2011

Whether he’s in the game or on the bench, he doesn’t stop moving. While he hangs on the wing, he’s constantly bouncing on the balls of his feet, awaiting his point guard’s next move. Then with the blink of an eye, he cuts toward the basket and effortlessly sinks a layup. With another blink, he’s…