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The N delivers a soap opera for the younger crowd

By | Mar 9, 2007

Canadians have been known to come up with a lot of cool things: Mounties, free health care and that cute little word “a-boot.” Staff Writer Chelsea Theis argues that perhaps the coolest thing Canada has ever produced is the teen melodrama, “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” The show continues the storyline that began in the late…

The psychology of theater

By | Nov 17, 2006

The clock read 4:48 a.m., and senior Christina “Teeny” Lamothe was awake. She was not suffering from insomnia or a late-night study session. She was just trying to find some clarity. Lamothe’s alarm went off at this time for a week straight. Disoriented, she gave in to the beeping and got out of bed to…