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Senior brings science to worldwide travel

By | May 5, 2011

It was nearly 9 a.m. as the bus made its rough, winding way up the mountain toward Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. In her seat, senior Jill Neeley let the Portuguese language rush past her ears as she focused on her daily commute.

Cutting teachers would hurt Americans’ education

By | Mar 9, 2011

In the midst of budget seasons everywhere, education protests are flying high as many states propose slashing teachers from their school systems. Let’s first acknowledge that these outrages are nothing new — every year teachers’ unions dust off their posters and argumentative speeches. But in pointing that out, let’s realize that this happens every year.…

Professional artistry

By | Feb 1, 2008

At Ithaca College, students are constantly showcasing their work — their art, their theater and their media — but every so often, the Ithaca College faculty get a special opportunity to formally share its work with the rest of the campus and community. The 2008 Ithaca College Faculty Art Show at the Handwerker Gallery, which…

Film shows the Virgin Queen’s romantic side

By | Oct 25, 2007

Nearly 10 years ago, director Shekhar Kapur put a spin on the life of Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, in the blockbuster “Elizabeth,” starring Cate Blanchett. It combined romance, treason, attempted assassination and the threat of Catholic Spain to create a clever masterpiece. In the sequel, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” Kapur gives us a second…