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Point Blank: The NFC Stinks!

By | Oct 30, 2010

The two teams that share the best record in the NFC currently are the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons. Neither of those squads would be playoff teams in the AFC. Period. It’s been a trend over the past decade and a half that the AFC has been the better conference in the NFL. Well,…

Flat Out This Is A Boring World Series

By | Oct 30, 2010

I called it when the LCS series were coming to a close. If the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers both advanced to the World Series to play against each other, it would be hands down the most boring Fall Classic in baseball history. After Games 1 and 2, I rest my case. The most…

Texas In The Big Show

By | Oct 23, 2010

Last night, the Texas Rangers closed out the New York Yankees 6-1 in Game 6 of the ALCS to advance to the team’s first World Series appearance in franchise history. That includes their predecessors the Washington Senators as well. Unbelievable. Who would’ve thought this Rangers team could even get by the Rays in the ALDS?…

MLB Playoffs Living Up To Excitement

By | Oct 16, 2010

As the League Championship Series begin, it’s real hard not to get excited about what’s transpired so far in this year’s baseball postseason. Some nay-sayers might think that since two of the LDS series were sweeps and only one went five games that it has not been thrilling to watch. Quite the contrary. Here’s just…

Too Boo or Not To Boo…That Is The Question

By | Oct 3, 2010

It seemed like yesterday during that April Saturday in 1999 when 30 die heart Eagles fans appropriately dubbed “The Dirty 30” booed Donovan McNabb on draft day. Twelve years later, that moment is still brought up in several conversations regarding the now Washington Redskins quarterback. It’s used to stereotype Philadelphia fans as distasteful and give…

Age Limit On Wearing Current Players’ Jerseys?

By | Sep 26, 2010

The natural maturation of a child into a teen, adult and eventually elder has various stages. Putting aside the physical changes of people, it’s no secret that growing up brings “growing out of tendencies.” At age 11, a kid who always loved playing with toy legos may become interested in violent video games. A little…

For Thos Who Didn’t Know, Andy Reid is Really a Politician

By | Sep 24, 2010

Point blank fact – Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is a politician. He’s not  a football coach. He’s not a talent evaluator. He’s a back stabbing politician looking to have his own butt and job security. Following the Eagles 35-32 victory over the Detroit Lions last Sunday with then back-up quarterback Michael Vick leading…

Kevin Kolb Should Start When He Returns

By | Sep 19, 2010

It’s no secret Michael Vick was sensational when he entered the Eagles/Packers game in week one of the NFL. As a matter of fact, he was substantially better than his teammate Kevin Kolb. He was exciting, making plays down field, running for first downs and bringing the Eagles back from a large deficit against a…

A Fresh Start

By | Sep 12, 2010

There’s always that “buzz” in a new beginning, no matter what the circumstance is. The start of a new job has a buzz. The first time you go out with a particular girl or guy has a buzz. The opening to a new school year, for a select few at least, has a buzz. Well…

The Sprint Is On

By | Sep 11, 2010

A major league baseball season is often compared to a marathon – 162 games where the standings can change at any point and time. Being in first place in April is as impressive and relevant as getting an A on an open book test. In other words, it is nonimpressive and irrevelant towards the season…

Asinine People In Professional Sports

By | Sep 4, 2010

In a world of egos and large salaries, it shouldn’t be a big shock that professional sports is full of “MLJ’s” (Major League Jerks). However, what transpired with Atlanta Braves closer Billy Wagner about a week ago really turns me the wrong way, as it should every baseball fan. Wagner was doing mop-up work in…

Got your back

By | Apr 15, 2010

If a member of the baseball team has a problem, going to Head Coach George Valesente and his staff is not the only option. The other is senior pitcher and captain Tom Fishback.