February 2, 2023
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Commentary: Belief in extensive voter fraud is misguided

By | Sep 1, 2015

We are extremely confident saying widespread voter fraud is a myth and indeed retrogressive.

Guest commentary: Racial dimensions negatively affect immigration policy

By | Mar 26, 2014

Annoyed over unsupported claims about the perceived lethality, or the national devolution, that immigrants from Latin America will bring upon the nation, along with the outlandish policies offered as solutions, I, along with Syracuse University Professor Amardo Rodriguez, decided to separate fact from fiction in our book, “When Race and Policy Collide: Contemporary Immigration Debates,” published Feb.

Guest commentary: English-only laws discriminate against immigrants

By | Feb 13, 2013

Many English-only initiatives are based on fear, distrust and suspicion. With glaring omissions of evidence from proponents, this paranoid style of American politics continues to corrupt our collective consciousness on immigrants, immigration and those perceived as “foreign.”

Commentary: Arizona immigration law still shapes American identity

By | Sep 4, 2012

Concerns about American authenticity continue to give way to questionable political formations of what defines the American national identity.