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September 28, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

Poise under pressure

By | Apr 24, 2009

Leaning back against the cushion at a table in IC Square, Ashley Dennis has a lot on her mind. On a predictably chilly February night, she’s glancing at the pages of the thickly bound constitutional law book sprawled out in front of her. But the 5-foot-8-inch Harlem, N.Y., native seems to be consumed more by…

Ithaca’s own ‘Gossip Girl’

By | Aug 28, 2008

In a lavish party on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the tall, thin, attractive brunette Penelope and the petite, blond-haired, blue-eyed Hazel stand around sipping light pink cocktails out of martini glasses. Wearing matching ribbons in their hair, heavy pearl necklaces and couture dresses designed more for supermodels than high school girls, they crowd around the…

Community dialogues scrutinize national and world issues

By | Nov 29, 2007

College students are frequently told it’s their responsibility to independently gather and discuss hard-hitting issues in the news. Yet sometimes, junior Tatiana Sy said, media are flawed when it comes to providing spotlight coverage on the crucial news that students should be discussing. “Food For Thought,” a group Sy helped organize, intends to fill that…

Media fever

By | Nov 29, 2007

In a nondescript studio on the ground floor of Park Auditorium, four Ithaca College students are dressed in prison jumpsuits. Taking on the personas of an angry madman, a neo-Nazi, an Hispanic criminal and a hopelessly insane inmate, they orchestrate their version of a chatty morning talk show with a prison bed as a table…

Faking it

By | Nov 8, 2007

On a chilly autumn night in Ithaca, Sarah* is home preparing for an evening out. Rather than hit up the usual mix of house parties, she has a different destination in mind: the bar scene. “When I go out to a bar I usually drink a little bit before; I don’t go to rack up…

Student scores studio recording time with famous producers

By | Oct 25, 2007

The beat is consistent, the kind you can snap your fingers or bob your head to, and the soft melody is a peaceful backdrop to the strong vocals. By the chorus, people who don’t even know the song are singing along with “I’ll Make You My World.” Sound Clip Listen to “I’ll Make You My…

Chic boutique

By | Sep 27, 2007

Inside Some Girls Boutique on Eddy Street, violet and peach walls tame the brighter, more colorful clothes hanging on the racks. Major and minor labels like Free People, Ben Sherman, Tulle and Baby Tiers dominate the store’s collection, with no item appearing in greater quantity than three or four. The clothes span a broad variety…

Four years in the making

By | Apr 26, 2007

Running through a barren wasteland, the Automaton does its best to avoid the larger creature chasing him. The two robots, both constructed of aluminum, criss-cross through a dry and rocky terrain, as the sharp, pointy Automaton fights to get away from the monster behind him. Their world is brown and desolate, the conflict brought to…

Bold and Beautiful

By | Mar 23, 2007

As the seasons change, women can abandon their Ugg boots and heavy wool-knit sweaters for bright new metallic sandals and flirty baby-doll–shaped chiffon dresses. Spring’s arrival promises new style trends that offer women a chance to feel light and girly again. Sophomore Ali Pinckney said she is sick of the black and gray worn endlessly…

International inspiration

By | Feb 16, 2007

Youthful and energetic, with his dark brown hair slicked back, Andrei Guruianu is the newest, and one of the youngest, additions to the writing department at Ithaca College. The 27-year-old Romanian immigrant came to the college in the fall with memories of a life few members of the college community can relate to. Guruianu’s family…

A mighty (wood)wind

By | Jan 26, 2007

When senior Adrienne Baker entered the selective Wind Ensemble group this past fall, she was pleased to be given the chance to work in a more demanding musical group. She had previously been a flutist in the Symphonic and Concert bands. “It’s great working with a smaller ensemble,” Baker said. “You spend a lot more…