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Raunchy comedy keeps plot simple

By | Apr 6, 2011

When sweet, wholehearted, small-town insurance agent Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) befriends a drunken, lewd, trash-talking business veteran (John C. Reilly), bromance blooms in “Cedar Rapids.”

Bizarre antics lead film into disarray

By | Sep 29, 2010

Two years ago, actor Joaquin Phoenix stumbled onstage sporting an overgrown beard, unkempt hair and dark sunglasses for an interview with David Letterman. Fans speculated about this odd behavior as he shifted nervously in his seat and mumbled that he was going to give up acting. Little did they know his interview was one of…

J-Lo film backfires as sappy comedy

By | May 6, 2010

Alan Poul’s romantic comedy “The Back-up Plan” tells the unlikely story of a single woman’s struggle to find love in a predictable, routine manner.

Action scenes prove film can ‘Kick-Ass’

By | Apr 22, 2010

Comic book buff Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) wants to save the country from pointless violence. So he takes to the streets with a mask, a green and yellow scuba suit and a distinct lack of superpowers.

‘Writer’ solves mystery to creating thrills

By | Apr 15, 2010

Death, betrayal, mystery and an ending that will leave audiences stunned — “The Ghost Writer” has all the elements of a typical dark Roman Polanski mystery, but it doesn’t quite meet the high standards set by his previous masterpieces “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown.”

‘Tub’ boils over with vulgarity

By | Apr 9, 2010

Brightly colored jackets, towering Afros and campy, synthetic pop songs are just some of the many things that contribute to the nostalgic experience of “Hot Tub Time Machine.”