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Ease on down the road

By | May 15, 2011

Only a handful of kids are cast as flying monkeys, but tonight it seems the whole cast is. A March rehearsal for Ithaca High School’s production of “The Wiz” is set to start at 7 p.m. It’s 6:45. Kids swing from rafters that hang near the tall speakers on the sides of the stage. One…

Students’ grades continue to rise at colleges across the nation

By | May 5, 2011

Above average is the new average for grading in higher education. While mathematically impossible, this situation is a reality at most colleges and universities across the country.

Seniors should revel in post-graduation uncertainty

By | May 4, 2011

For the first time in my life, I’m embracing the fact that I don’t really have a plan.

Senior’s involvement motivates community

By | Mar 31, 2011

Senior Caitlyn Reinecker nearly canceled the call that landed her a job with Frito-Lay after graduation.

Dining workers seek improvements from Sodexo

By | Oct 21, 2010

Ithaca College dining services employees are joining others across the country to fight for improved working conditions, better pay and benefits and the right to unionize without intimidation from their employer Sodexo.

Seven players suspended from game

By | Sep 2, 2010

The Ithaca College football team has suspended its four senior captains and three additional players from Saturday’s game for violating team rules.

Seven football players suspended from Saturday’s game

By | Aug 29, 2010

The Ithaca College football team has suspended its four senior captains and three additional players from this Saturday’s game for violating team rules.

Student passes away unexpectedly

By | Apr 30, 2009

Junior Andrea Celeste Morton passed away suddenly this morning because of a sudden medical condition. Morton, a clinical health studies major and a resident assistant in Emerson Hall, was recently honored with the Peggy R. Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership. Terry Martinez, director of student engagement and multicultural affairs and was involved with…

Diet book restates helpful advice

By | Feb 20, 2009

“Your Big Fat Boyfriend,” a new book by Ithaca College alumna Jenna Bergen, reads more like a chat between girlfriends than a book on dieting and exercise. Inspired by her horror the day her “totally hot, erase-10-pounds, make-my-ass-look-amazing” jeans began to expose an unsightly “muffin top” of triple chocolate chunk proportions, Bergen weaves together anecdotes…

When zombies attack

By | Sep 25, 2008

There are only three humans left on campus. Behind the doors of Hilliard Hall they stand alert, foreheads shining, chests pounding, aiming their guns at the mass of zombies before them. “You gonna stand there or you gonna bring it,” a zombie yells from far away. “This is going to be long if you don’t…

Hard-working Slackers

By | Apr 10, 2008

The Slackers have been together for 18 years and have released even more CDs. With a new album coming out this month, the New York City-based group is heading up to the Finger Lakes region to play at Castaways. Assistant News Editor Elizabeth Sile spoke with bassist Marcus Geard about what inspires the band and…

Annual family weekend will showcase campus

By | Nov 1, 2007

This weekend, more than 1,300 people will tour the Ithaca College campus, meet faculty and staff and attend special events as a part of its seventh annual Family Weekend. The event is an opportunity for parents to explore the campus and experience their children’s lives at college. Doreen Hettich-Atkins, coordinator of special services and programs…