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Beer pong players to compete for free vacation

By | Nov 6, 2008

At each end of a 7-foot table stand two men and 10 cups formed into the shape of a pyramid. In the hand of a player from each team is a ping pong ball. It’s a scene any college student is all too familiar with. What’s not as common is the teams’ incredible accuracy. The…

Professors bring independent press to Ithaca

By | Oct 10, 2008

Introduction, body, conclusion — all components to the classic essay. Imagine throwing conventions out the window and reading an essay written entirely in footnotes to a nonexistent text. Jenny Boully’s “The Body” does exactly that. The layout of each page is blank except for footnotes at the bottom. As a story unfolds through each numbered…

Ghana native brings African culture to the classroom

By | Oct 12, 2007

In Ford Hall last Thursday, Ghana native Sulley Imoro moved in perfect rhythm, aligning with the beat his students played out on African drums. He was strong, yet graceful. When he hit a kalabash, a large hollowed-out gourd, his hands drummed at varying speeds, but he made each movement look smooth and effortless. “I choose…

College forms committee to examine use of Facebook

By | Feb 16, 2007

Twelve faculty members, two administrators and three student representatives were appointed to the Facebook Task Force, which met officially for the first time Tuesday. Doreen Hettich-Atkins, coordinator for special services and programs for Student Affairs and Campus Life, will chair the committee with Mike Taves, executive director of Information Technology Services. Brian McAree, vice president…

Student hones survival skills through mentoring program

By | Feb 1, 2007

Matt Yaeger crouched in a tree, waiting to make his grand entrance. The children below, participating in the after-school program Primitive Pursuits, had no idea the senior was there until instructors told them someone was watching them. Dropping to the ground, Yaeger shocked the group of elementary and middle school children. “Surprising them in a…

Petition claims poor campus accessibility

By | Jan 25, 2007

The Student Government Association’s handicap accessibility committee petitioned the administration Dec. 13 to take more action toward making the campus universally accessible. The petition, with 600 signatures representing 10 percent of the student body, included demands for better wheelchair-accessible parking lots, ramps leading into every quad residential hall and doubling the fall 2007 budget for…

College receives national sustainability recognition

By | Dec 1, 2006

Ithaca College was one of nine schools to receive recognition from the National Wildlife Federation this month for its sustainability initiatives on campus. The college will be recognized in the annual Campus Ecology Yearbook, which gathers case studies from campus teams documenting successful sustainable and environmental actions taken by colleges and universities around the world.…