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‘California 37’: Train’s sound goes off tracks

By | May 2, 2012

Train has a history of interweaving pop culture throughout their clever lyrics. However, the pop-rock band’s newest album, “California 37,” hits listeners over the head with superficiality, beginning with the opening song, “This’ll Be My Year.”

Visiting author digitalizes daily walks

By | Feb 29, 2012

Struggling with writer’s block, author Andy Fitch left his desk one day to search for inspiration in New York City. Wandering the streets, he discovered his next project.

‘Mitzi’s Abortion’: Comedic show bears truth

By | Feb 22, 2012

“Mitzi’s Abortion” by playwright Elizabeth Heffron, put on by The Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca, offers a humorous and moving exploration of the ethics, religion and politics of late-term abortion. Meet Mitzi (Dayna Joan), a 22-year-old with an army husband and a happy accident — a baby on the way. However, the news is quickly undermined by…

Fashion club to travel back in time with ’70s Bohemian show

By | Oct 25, 2011

From the rack to the runway, ’70s Bohemian fashion is making a comeback today at the HiFashion Studios show.

Campus club advocates ending use of ‘R-word’

By | Sep 15, 2011

Ithaca College’s chapter of Spread the Word to End the Word, a worldwide organization dedicated to raising awareness of the misuse of the word “retarded,” is kicking off the year with their own rally.