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A shifting scene

By | Feb 19, 2009

Go to a show at the ABC Café on any Saturday night, and the large crowd will be spilling out of the restaurant’s dining room and into its attached coffee shop. Watch the artists squeeze themselves into a corner at the front of the room, barely able to move around their gear. Sip deeply from…

Inspired by the ordinary

By | Jan 23, 2009

Indie rocker Mike Doughty has been recording music since the mid-1990s. Since his original band, Soul Coughing, split in 2000, he has released three albums and collaborated with Grammy-winning producer Dan Wilson. At 8 p.m. tomorrow at Castaways, he’ll bring his signature vocals and free-flowing lyrics to Ithaca for the first time. Senior Writer Ian…

Members only

By | Nov 13, 2008

The narrow gallery hummed with the sounds of guests discussing the collage portraits and impressionist streetscapes that hung on the wall for a new exhibit opening. Visitors sipped wine and sampled snacks and mused about motivation and method. At an artists’ cooperative like Ithaca’s State of the Art Gallery — named for its location on…

Burrito beefs up

By | Nov 6, 2008

The menu at That Burrito Place is awash in self-referential humor. Customers can choose from “that burrito,” “those tacos,” “this salad” and a host of other ambiguously named foods. As of last month, they can do so at the restaurant’s new location on The Commons. Owner Jeff Mayer wrote the business plan for That Burrito…

Brewers and beer lovers unite at Ithaca Brewfest

By | Sep 11, 2008

On the corner of Seneca and Tioga streets in downtown Ithaca, people are piling onto the No. 13 bus at a rate rarely seen in car-obsessed America. Taken out of context, the scene might be mistaken for the inauguration of a new bus route or a protest against the high cost of gasoline, but it’s…

A different beat

By | Nov 1, 2007

It’s an unusual sight in the Ithaca College James J. Whalen School of Music: four tuba players, dressed in Halloween costumes, belt out Europe’s “Final Countdown.” The act is part of Oktubafest, an annual Halloween-themed tuba and euphonium performance that features candy, costumed musicians and nontraditional tunes. View a video of the tuba ensemble playing…

Performance celebrates presence of Asian culture in Ithaca

By | May 3, 2007

Sometime in the late 1960s or early ’70s — she can’t remember which — Suzanne Schwartz, then between 5 and 7 years old, met with about 45 other Koreans in the basement of Cornell University’s Anabel Taylor Hall. It was the first time she had been in a room where everyone else looked like her.…

Indie songstress is on a mission

By | Feb 23, 2007

Formerly of anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches, singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson released her latest album, “Remember That I Love You,” last year. Since her solo debut in 2002, Dawson has put out five full-length studio albums, including three in 2004. She will perform with Dufus on Sunday at The ABC Cafe. Staff Writer Ian Holliday spoke…

Rippin’ red-hot funk rock

By | Dec 1, 2006

Sophomore Revi Roza unpacks the “tangled mess of wires” from her Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” backpack and sets up the first guitar she ever owned. Its name is Bambi. She’s not sure why she called it that. Within a few minutes, the rest of Roza’s band, The Rozatones, joins her at a…