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News exists outside the US

By | Jan 31, 2017

I am here to remind you that the U.S. is not the only country undergoing political and cultural changes.

Fidel Castro’s reputation still being disputed

By | Dec 6, 2016

When we contextualize these facts, we get a clear picture: The U.S. has as much to do with Cuba’s troubled history as Castro does.

US only aids allies

By | Nov 30, 2016

If the U.S. is to pride itself in being the policeman of the world, it should do so in a way where self-interest is not the primary motivation.

Donald Trump’s election is a wake up call

By | Nov 16, 2016

These are 400 words on how people can no longer mourn democracy because it never existed in the first place.

Egypt backs Russia and sparks unofficial Cold War

By | Nov 8, 2016

The economic relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia was the only thing that kept Egypt from turmoil.

The US displaces, but never aids

By | Oct 31, 2016

If history teaches anyone anything, it’s that the U.S. has a horrible reputation in aiding refugees from the countries it has invaded.

Indigenous candidate to address Latin American inequality

By | Oct 25, 2016

This year, the CNI and EZLN decided to nominate an indigenous woman to run in the 2018 presidential campaign.

Kenya’s few deciding for the many

By | Oct 18, 2016

The best way to describe Kenyatta is as a President who does a lot for people who are well off but not much for those who need government help.

Kashmir is U.S. foreign policy blind spot

By | Oct 4, 2016

The United States’ reputation in the Middle East and Asia as a whole may lead to skepticism on why the U.S. is there in the first place.

Protests in Congo deserve media coverage

By | Sep 25, 2016

If we really sit down and think about it, the Congolese are currently fighting for their own democracy.

Migration crisis missing from political discussion

By | Sep 21, 2016

Everyone seems vexed on fixing the immigration issue from within the border, ignoring that there is an imminent migration crisis right at the foot of the door.