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Opening a dialogue

By | Mar 26, 2009

As a female athlete, junior Regina Douglas has seen her share of gender discrimination. The varsity softball player said in high school, a few of her teammates were mistaken for lesbians whenever they hung out with other girls. “One time, some of my friends … saw a teammate out with a girl, and they said,…

Local gay couples cope with legal uncertainty

By | Feb 12, 2009

Sybil Conrad waited 10 years before she was able to marry her college sweetheart. Though she and her partner would have preferred to have been married earlier in their relationship, marriage was not a legal option. Instead, Conrad, assistant director of the Campus Center at Ithaca College, was married in October 2008 to her partner…

Taking a stand

By | Sep 25, 2008

Nearly 300 protesters lay still in the streets of Boston. Clothed in white, they represented the hundreds of thousands that have been killed in the Darfur genocide, so far. In spring 2007, Rachel Merkin attended the worldwide political rally, Global Days for Darfur. After the rally, Merkin made sure she would never forget the atrocities…

A passion for the unknown

By | Nov 29, 2007

Since she moved to Ithaca in 1965, Carol Kammen has made a career out of being the first to discover facts about the area. “I have always been interested in the history of people who were not written about in the old kind of local history,” she said. “All people who don’t normally or did…

Lectures discuss racial inequalities in prisons

By | Sep 21, 2007

Nearly 2 million people are incarcerated in the United States. According to Human Rights Watch, an independent organization dedicated to the protection of human rights, 63 percent of those people are black or Latino, though their populations combined make up 25 percent of the United States population. A speaker series at Ithaca College, “The Prison…