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With the band

By | May 1, 2009

Weekday routines can blur into a stale monotony. What mark many of our college experiences are the weekends and how we spend them. This is part of a series of narrative accounts that capture pieces of the social scene in Ithaca. In this snapshot, Senior Writer Jen Nevins follows die-hard music fans to a show.…

Examining the Obsession

By | Jan 29, 2009

Jeremy Siegel calls himself a “slightly angry teddy bear.” His bicep, popping out of a tight T-shirt, is 19.5 inches around, and it’s part of his pride and joy. He spends six days a week at the gym lifting weights for an hour and a half and eats every two hours to maintain his beloved…

Fine tuning

By | Mar 30, 2007

A mop of white hair and the smiling face of Ed Swenson pop out from underneath a caramel-colored piano. The professor of music theory, history and composition lies face-up on the ground as he beats on the underside of the instrument, replicating the sound that a fifth pedal used to make. The bass drum vibration…

Alumni converge on Sundance Film Festival

By | Feb 2, 2007

The 2007 Sundance Film Festival served as a mini Ithaca College reunion. Most prominently featured was Patricia Zimmermann, professor of cinema, photography and media arts, who was invited to join the festival’s opening panel Jan. 20. The panel discussed countercultural changes from the 1960s to the present. Zimmermann likens Sundance to spring break in Miami.…