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College’s tax-exempt status irks some in local community

By | Apr 5, 2007

The give-take, love-hate relationship between Tompkins County and its two largest employers, Cornell University and Ithaca College, was exemplified earlier this year in a Cornell study documenting the institution’s $3.3 billion impact on New York state in 2005. The report highlighted Cornell’s contributions to the county’s economy, including the 13,000 residents they employed, the $74…

Hazing prompts college action

By | Mar 22, 2007

The Office of Public Safety is interviewing students after a claim that hazing took place on campus as part of a fraternity initiation, according to Dave Maley, associate director of media relations. A LeMoyne College student and a former Cornell University student were charged with second-degree hazing and second-degree harassment after a Cornell student claimed…

How to curb global warming

By | Feb 8, 2007

You don’t have to buy a hybrid car, move to EcoVillage or install a wind turbine in your yard to help curb greenhouse-gas pollution. Here are eight easy things you can do without drastically changing your lifestyle: It seems too easy, but turn off the lights when you leave a room or go to bed.…

Melting the myth

By | Feb 8, 2007

While a warmer forecast seems desirable amid this week’s frigid temperatures, an international group of more than a thousand scientists says it’s anything but pleasing. Global warming is “unequivocal,” according to a report released Friday by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which cites greenhouse gases created by human action as almost positively…