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Alum takes on directing

By | Sep 4, 2009

The curtain is shut, a barrier of protection between nervous actors and an eager audience. Months of rehearsals, learning lines and songs and how to work together — these countless hours manifest themselves in this moment. The world freezes for an instant and everyone involved with the Cornell Vet Players’ production of “Brigadoon” shares the…

Out-of-this-world car gains townwide notoriety

By | Apr 17, 2009

Most people walk down the aisles of hardware stores looking for tools to fix leaky faucets or to choose a new paint color for their bedrooms. Ryan McGuire, an Ithaca resident, strolls down those same aisles in pursuit of inspiration. With some basic supplies, such as dryer vents and screws, and plenty of imagination, McGuire…

Aces that pay

By | Apr 9, 2009

Devin Maguire sits deep in concentration, staring at the cards on the screen. He analyzes each play, debating how much to bet and carefully charting his next move. He clicks back and forth between games, making educated guesses about his opponents’ strategies. He ends the tournament more than 12 hours later — and $9,000 wealthier.…

Sharing inspiration

By | Feb 12, 2009

Techno music played, and images of Europe were projected on a screen one December night in Pixel Lounge on Dryden Road. Some people watched the slideshow, others listened to the digital melodies and many chatted and mingled. But everyone quieted down as English translations of poetry by Bosnian writer Sasha Skenderija were read. “I had…

Kitsch revitalized

By | Nov 13, 2008

At first glance, The Kitschen Sink looks like grandma’s attic. Collectible kitchenware covers the shelves. A flock of cross-eyed stuffed chickens sit on a couch. Vibrant aprons, some adorned with a cupcake-shaped pocket, hang from the wall. Smiling pink pigs, flying high in a blue sky, greet customers from a painted canvas. A giant white…

Reliving her passion

By | Oct 10, 2008

When a local film crew arrived early one morning in 2006, Natasha Tall was dancing around her kitchen. Shiny figurines lined her windowsill, and pictures of family and friends watched her swaying hips and gliding feet from their place on the wall. She greeted the young filmmakers — who came to her house to shoot…

Memories fuel comedy act

By | Sep 27, 2007

Comedian Vijai Nathan bases her one-woman show “Good Girls Don’t, But Indian Girls Do” on the struggles and celebrations of growing up and finding her identity as an Indian American. She has performed all over the world, from the United States to Europe to South Africa, and soon she will be bringing her comedic talent…