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Review: Predictable plot backfires in action movie

By | Apr 3, 2013

Impressive action sequences fail to compensate bland acting in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.”

Review: Clever script and cast carries college-admission film

By | Mar 27, 2013

Sloppy editing does not prevent actors Tina Fey and Paul Rudd from excelling in heartwarming comedy, “Admission.”

Review: Script and directing sinks humorous movie

By | Mar 21, 2013

All-star comedic cast fails to carry magic-themed film, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”

Review: Raunchy comedy entertains with one-liners

By | Mar 6, 2013

Writing team Jon Lucas and Scott Moore make their directorial debut with the humorous hit “21 and Over.”

Review: Lead actor Charlie Sheen delivers poor performance in film

By | Feb 27, 2013

Confusing plot, lackluster acting and unrealistic script in film, “A Glimpse Inside the Mild of Charles Swan III.”

Review: French-Austrian Film delivers touching story

By | Feb 19, 2013

Talented cast and moving script drive heartfelt foreign film.

Review: Bateman and McCarty thrive in comedy

By | Feb 14, 2013

Entertaining cast delivers laughs in the anticipated film “Identity Thief.”

Review: ‘Warm Bodies’ revives supernatural love genre

By | Feb 6, 2013

Directed by Jonathan Levine, “Warm Bodies” surrounds a zombie (Nicholas Hoult) falls in love with a human (Teresa Palmer) during a zombie invasion.

Review: Crude humor backfires in Movie 43

By | Jan 29, 2013

Large cast fails to entertain in comedy shorts.

Review: Compelling film revisits military operation

By | Jan 23, 2013

Director Kathryn Bigelow recreates the events leading up to the death of al-Qaida leader, Osama bin Laden.

Review: ‘The Mercy Seat’ expertly tackles deep-seated drama

By | Dec 12, 2012

Though it’s a staged reading, “The Mercy Seat” is able to brilliantly add real drama to engaging and darkly comical lines to create an intensely believable story.

Review: Aerosmith shreds with 15th studio album ‘Music from Another Dimension’

By | Nov 14, 2012

The classic rock band released its first original album since “Just Push Play” in 2001.