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September 18, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

Oil company loses lawsuit against Dryden fracking ban

By | Feb 21, 2012

A state judge ruled today that the Town of Dryden was within its rights to ban hydraulic fracturing, a decision that stopped a lawsuit filed by a Denver-based oil company against the town’s ban.

National event encourages IC to recycle

By | Feb 16, 2012

Ithaca College will be curbing its consumption and watching its waste in the coming weeks as part of Recyclemania, a recycling competition, for the seventh year in a row. The college hopes to improve from previous years by working harder to raise awareness among the students.

Vandals smash taps

By | Feb 9, 2012

Students in the Natural Resources & Ecology: Farming the Forest class found their maple syrup production equipment on South Hill intentionally damaged Saturday morning. About 40 of 75 taps and hooks were destroyed, amounting to $300 worth of damage, an estimate made by Professor Jason Hamilton.

Ithaca Carshare moved off-site

By | Feb 2, 2012

After minimal use by the Ithaca College community, the Ithaca Carshare car was moved during winter break from its on-campus location to South Hill — on the corner of Hudson and Columbia.

College pushes forward on sustainability goals

By | Dec 15, 2011

With a goal to reach carbon-neutrality by 2050, Ithaca College is behind on reaching its target emission levels for the current academic year.

Ithacans voice concerns with NY fracking

By | Dec 8, 2011

As the Department of Environmental Conservation begins to conclude its review on the impacts of horizontal hydraulic fracturing, community members came together to voice their concerns about the controversial process.

Ithacans voice fracking concerns

By | Dec 3, 2011

Opponents of hydraulic fracturing dominated the microphone at a public hearing Thursday night at the downtown State Theatre.

Proposal for Emerson plant spurs debate

By | Dec 1, 2011

Ithaca’s mayor-elect has big plans for the Emerson Power Transmission facility, with a controversial proposal to develop housing at the polluted building located off Route 96B.

Sustainability efforts split across college

By | Nov 17, 2011

Ithaca College promotes itself as sustainably conscious and is continuously listed as a top sustainable college. But colleges like Dartmouth and Oberlin surpass the college on campus sustainability lists. One factor may be that their efforts are concentrated in a centralized Office of Sustainability.

Fracking leads to more Pa. crime

By | Nov 11, 2011

While New York state may promote the introduction of hydraulic fracturing as an opportunity to create jobs and boost local economy, towns in Pennsylvania have experienced an upswing in crime since natural gas industries moved into the area.

Natural Lands staff increases as traffic grows

By | Nov 3, 2011

Use of the Ithaca College Natural Lands on South Hill has increased significantly in recent years, and with it, the job of volunteer stewards has become more important.

College awaits A&E sustainability certification

By | Oct 27, 2011

Ithaca College is in the process of finding out just how sustainable the Athletics and Events Center is, culminating years of planning and construction.