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Caroling for the President

By | Dec 13, 2007

After reluctantly joining his elementary-school chorus, senior Adam Strube discovered a talent that has led him to the White House. “I knew that I could sing when I joined the chorus in fourth grade,” Strube said. “The bottom dropped out by the time I was a senior in high school.” Strube, 29, said he hopes…

Students explore Eastern medicine practices through class

By | Nov 15, 2007

For more than three millennia, needles, herbs and teas have been vessels for wellness among the Chinese people. Eastern medical philosophy is based upon the idea of harmony, a balance between the individual and environment: yin and yang. This May, Ithaca College students will have the opportunity to study traditional Eastern medicine in China through…

Honoring the importance of culture

By | Nov 8, 2007

Cayuga legend tells of the world beginning with a fall — a woman pushed through a hole in the sky and flown by birds to the back of a turtle, which became North America. The woman sprinkled dust to make stars and created the moon and sun. She gave birth to twin sons, one good…

Fulbright scholar aims to spark reform in physical education

By | Oct 26, 2007

Fulbright scholar Wee Eng Hoe is gathering ammunition from two distant countries to challenge an age-old educational institution: gym class. Hoe, an international Fulbright fellow, arrived at Ithaca College last month to conduct research on the implementation of successful physical education programs in Ithaca’s elementary and secondary schools with Raj Subramaniam, associate professor of health…

A right to clean water

By | Oct 5, 2007

Before sunrise, Ethiopian women and their daughters begin the day’s trek for drinkable water. For the past four months, what they’ve found is swimming with bacteria and often contaminated with human waste. This year, torrential downpour has flooded the typically arid region of eastern Africa during its rain season. The floods have affected the country’s…